Page 13 of Owning Olivia

I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around myself and walked into my room, feeling the exhaustion in my bones. I sat on the bed holding my head in my hands. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t even hear the door open, which made me jump up, followed by my towel hitting the floor.


I was frozen in my steps, turning red and stunned speechless. What was I thinking just charging into the lion’s den unannounced? There was Silas completely naked right in front of me. I couldn’t help but gawk at him, he was huge. Everywhere. I knew he was ripped under that black suit I could still remember the wall of his chest when he picked me up the first time back at the bar, at the time I thought he felt like steel, impenetrable and unstoppable

When he looked up and stared at me, his gaze was different than usual, his was a look of longing and of hunger. It both frightened and excited me. From the moment I met him there was something different about him in comparison to the thugs my stepfather normally dealt with. They all were unfeeling, violent, and depraved, but not Silas. He was deadly, and ruthless for sure, but I had also witnessed a certain vulnerability in him. I’d known this quiet giant since I started working at the bar, although in that time, we’d barely whispered a dozen words to one another.

The day he spoke up for me, he didn’t have to do it. That’s when I first realized he was kind and caring beneath his frightening exterior. I never forget how concerned he was about the possibility of the glass cutting me. That realization made me ashamed of how I’d acted in the car, how I’d spoken to him. He was only trying to help me; he meant no harm and suddenly I understood that on a fundamental level. This man cared about what happened to me, and I was grateful for my escape. I’d become complacent being Paul’s servant and Silas helped me realize that I deserved more than that pitiful life offered me. Gratitude overshadowed my attraction and made me feel horrible for the way I’d treated him. I quickly averted my gaze and turned to walk away.

“I…I am sorry,” I mumbled softly. As I was about to walk out the door, he gently grabbed my arm and turned me to look at him. He’d tucked the towel snugly around his waist. I kept my head down, scared to see the disappointment he now felt toward me. Maybe he was disgusted or even worse, regretted bringing me here. To his home, someplace I desperately wanted, and probably needed to be. He lifted my chin forcing me to make eye contact.

“You have nothing to be sorry about. I’m sorry for scaring you. I just can’t seem to see straight when it comes to you.” When I nodded at him, he smiled, revealing a dimple. I couldn’t help but think his smile was beautiful. He kept it hidden from the world and sharing it with me made me feel like his gorgeous smile belonged to me.

“Good. Why don’t you go lie down for a bit, let me get dressed and then join me downstairs? Maybe for a movie?” He crouched down so that our heads would be level. I nodded, wanting to keep that smile on his face, forever.


Water was still running in rivulets down my body, dripping from my hair and sliding down between my shoulders. Olivia had scampered off, but my body still demanded her. There was something about Olivia that put my hormones into overdrive, my protective nature accelerated to its highest setting. She gave me cave-man urges, lift her up, throw her over my shoulder, toss her onto my giant king-sized bed and ravage her tight body until she couldn’t take any more.

Just the thought had my head swimming and my cock arching in a persistent erection. I’d have to rub one off if I was expected to go sit next to her, watch a movie, and behave like the gentleman she deserved. Olivia was a dream come true. I’d watched her from afar for so long and now she was close enough to practically taste it. I ripped a pair of jeans down from the folded stack in my closet. Annie organized my clothing meticulously, it was one of her hobbies. Two long strides took me to the bathroom and I made sure to close and lock the door behind me. Olivia didn’t need any pressure from my overzealous sex drive—even though it was her fault for igniting it.

I tossed the jeans on the counter and stepped back into the shower. The pressurized hot water smashed into my trapezius muscles while I squirted body wash into my palm and fisted my dick. Rock hard was an understatement for how my body responded to her scent. Just a whiff of Olivia’s shampoo or the brush of her knuckles when she accidentally touched me, sent my cortisol levels through the roof. I gripped my shaft as the lather from the soap eased the path up and down the full length of my cock. I knew my dick was huge, I’d been teased as a kid. Even though I wanted to, it was hard to imagine penetrating Olivia’s perfect body with this brutal mass. She had a tiny waist, wide hips, ample ass, her breasts were a perfect handful. I swear I could feel sweat form on my brow even though I was being pounded with water from the showerhead. My balls were heavy and cinched up so tightly that all the muscles in my abdomen tensed. I could come just from her kiss, just from running my ravaged hands over her pale and innocent flesh. God, I wanted to taste her, suckle her tits, and lap at her pussy with her thighs wrapped around me. Just imagining her writhing with pleasure doled out from my tongue catapulted me over the edge. I shot hot, thick ribbons of cum up my belly, which then quickly washed away down the drain. I scrubbed my face with my hands while my cock still throbbed with aftershocks. I used my forearm to pillow my head against the tiled wall while I calmed my breath and recovered from blowing a load that hard. If I could come like this from just thinking about her, the real thing might tear me apart.