Page 37 of Owning Olivia

He paused looking into my eyes but I wanted more, I wanted all of him, and I didn’t care if it hurt. I placed my hands on his ass and thrust my hips forward to encourage him to fill me completely. That was all the permission he needed. He pushed farther, entering me more and more until he broke the barrier that separated us. I gasped in shock of the pain that, for a moment, felt as if it would cleave me in two. Then I looked into his eyes trying to mask the discomfort I felt. I knew if I let any of the pain show on my face, Silas would stop, too afraid of hurting me. In reality, I wanted this closeness more than I’d ever wanted anything in my entire life. Pain was the least of it, I needed this love like I needed air to breathe.

“You’re so tight,” he said. Silas moaned as he continued to thrust inside, filling me completely. My nails dug into his ass and I kept encouraging him to go hard. His hips were moving rhythmically as he reached between us and massaged my clit.

“I want you to come for me again. Be a good girl and give me what I want. I want you to soak my cock with your cum.”

His dirty talk turned me on. The more he spoke, the wetter I got.

“You feel so big,” I said, as I lifted my hips to meet his.

“Open your legs wider, baby,” he told me. “Take all of me.”

I tried to accommodate him, but there was no way to make it easier. When he thrust deeper, it made him feel even bigger, and I was so far gone that I started scratching him with my nails. The sensation was building inside me and I knew I was close to coming yet again.

“You’re such a good little girl with such a greedy pussy. Look at how wet you are for my cock. Come for me, baby. I want to see you come hard for me.” His words were all I needed. I felt my eyes roll back with ecstasy, the thickness of him filling me to the hilt. He pushed harder fucking me with unchecked force, and his headboard banged against the wall. His erection touched a place inside me that made me lose any semblance of control. I shook and moaned uninhibitedly as I came apart on his cock. He started panting, fucking me harder and faster until his body momentarily stiffened and he let out a wild growl. Silas let go and released hot jets of semen inside of me.

We lay in a crumpled mess, two intertwined bodies tangled up with the bed sheets, lost in a silent cocoon, inhaling and exhaling one another’s breath. Silas looked so content, so beautiful that it made my eyes sting. Eventually we descended back to earth and touched one another with feather-light caresses and whisper kisses afraid to break the magic that still lingered in the air between us.

“That was incredible. You’re incredible,” he mumbled into the side of my neck, between kisses. Every new gesture from this man made me smile.

“You weren’t so bad yourself,” I whispered into his ear. He turned to face me, looking at me as if searching for something serious.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” His voice was tender. I put my hands on his face making sure he couldn’t look away. I needed him to hear me and know I meant every word I said.

“Silas, I feel amazing. You didn’t hurt me. I’d let you know if you were.”

He continued to search my face as if looking for the truth. I don’t think I’d ever had someone look at me like he was, with so much affection and tenderness that the sentiment overflowed. It spilled forth from his heart and ran into mine. I would do anything for this man, he was my new home. Silas flipped us over and I settled into the crook of his arm. I was glad he had scars and I was thankful the last few years had been shitty for me, because everything we both were added up to this moment—the two of us together—healing one another’s wounds and making our lives better. I loved every part of him, the good and the bad. Silas might have owned me, but I was exactly where I wanted to be. He kissed my head and together, we drifted off into sleep.


I heard birds chirping through the veil of my deeply contented sleep. Intuitively, I reached out and pulled Olivia to me. After a life spent abhorring touch, it registered as the strangest feeling, to crave, seek, and truly need the physical affection of another person. But with Olivia, everything felt right, from the way her body fit perfectly into my arms to how our similar paths collided and pushed our lives into the same orbit. I knew Olivia could take care of herself. I’d seen her single handedly salvage and then save her family business, pulling all-nighters and crunching numbers like a professional. I knew she was capable, tenacious, and smart. Yet at the same time, I recognized the hunger in her eyes. The need for acknowledgement, love, and connection. Indispensable needs she’d been starved of in her situation. I wanted to fulfill those needs and what’s more, make her every wish my command—treat her like the princess she was, raining diamonds, and kisses, and rose petals into the palms of her hands.