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I took those hands in mine and lifted them to my lips. I kissed her long, elegant fingers and imagined sliding a ring on and making her mine forevermore. Her eyelids fluttered in her dream state and she curled into my body more. Her alabaster skin was covered with blossoming love bites where I’d left my mark. Her cheeks were rosy, and her ruby lips along with her pink nipples hinted at the passionate heart that beat beneath her smooth skin. I wanted to pop a nipple in my mouth and suck until the succulent nectar began to flow again between her legs. While I tried to pull myself from the warm bed and force my weary bones to run the trails down by the lake, my impossibly hard dick demanded attention—either my fist or the silken folds hidden between Olivia’s sweet thighs. There was no contest. I chose the dormant beauty before my eyes.

Lazily, I rolled my tongue over her exposed nipple that tipped up from her breast temptingly until it pebbled between my lips. Then I sucked it into my mouth and swiped the tip of my tongue back and forth over the tip until Oliva groaned. She opened her eyes with the same star struck gaze she’d gone to sleep with. Glassy-dazed eyes, clouded with lust. She parted her lips to speak and I dove forward silencing her with my mouth. Her full lips and satin tongue clung to mine in resolute passion. Her hips, as if working with a mind of their own, straddled my leg and she began to rub her heat against my hard thigh. Arousal streamed from her signaling she was more than ready to take my brutal manhood again. My cock strained against my belly, fully erect and ready to fuck her into ecstasy.

Trying to bide time, I licked at her other nipple with a wickedly pointed tongue and pinched the first between my fingers until I felt her sex gush. She sucked on my tongue like she’d done to my dick the night before. Perhaps her dainty pink tongue was even more wicked than my own as she flicked it across my lips making me strain for the way she’d done the same to the head of my dick.

“Holy shit, you’re so fucking sexy,” I murmured into her hair.

Olivia responded by slipping out of arms, lifting her hips until her slick center slid along the ridge of my erect cock. She rode it up and down while her breasts hung in my face, tempting me like succulent grapes.

I sucked her tits until her nipples puffed and reddened while she slid up and down my erection without penetration. She tilted her head back and my hands found perfect holds where the sway of her back met her gorgeous ass. I spanked her lightly and the pain made her whimper. When she finally made eye contact again, her gaze told me a story. Olivia was completely mine, to do with as I pleased. I owned her absolutely—she belonged to me.

With one hand I reached between us and spread her sex wide, then backed up and slid my giant cock to the hilt with one thrust. Olivia shuddered with the shock of my entrance. She must have been incredibly sore with the fucking I’d given her until the dawn peeked through the curtains. Grabbing the meat of her ass in my hands, I pounded her virgin flesh until pink spots blossomed on her chest. Olivia whimpered and moaned as she rode my hard body. Tender and tiny, she clung to my rock-like shoulders, scraping her nails down my biceps. Her orgasm was a thing of beauty, creeping up on her slowly at first. I watched her face as she wetted her lips and began to keen in a low moan that drove me out of my mind. I nipped at her nipples and sucked her bottom lip into my mouth. Her cry increased in volume as she started to come apart on top of me. Seeing her in such rapture was too much for me and as hard as I tried to hold off, my ball sack tightened and hot spurts of my seed jetted into her as if they were hell-bent on catching her orgasm. I fucked into the beautiful girl with everything I had in me and my whole body shuddered as her needy muscles clenched and milked my dick.

I stayed hard and didn’t pull out until Olivia drifted back into sleep. I had to slip away and blow off some steam. Years of pent-up sexual energy emanated from where I’d kept them locked inside. I didn’t want to overwhelm her or take her body to a limit that I might later come to regret. I reminded myself that we had years ahead of us to burn off this desire. The peacefully sleeping beauty would still be keeping my bed warm when I returned from my run.

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