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“He was in the Navy” was rebuked with “Oh, so he didn’t go to college?” “He’s a mechanic at a motorcycle shop” was reprimanded with “So he depends on commission. You don’t want to live paycheck-to-paycheck, dear.” Getting emotional, when she told them “He’s protective and treats me like a queen,” even I had to look away, my eyes feeling strange as they teared up for the first time in decades. Their response—“Of course he does now. But what about when he gets bored of you like all the others, darling?”—was the final straw. Cutting Kayan off before she could fire back, I calmly took the phone out of her hand and disconnected the call, ignoring the several tries her parents made to call her back.

After that night, making love to her until she forgot all about her parents, I came up with a plan. Which leads us to this moment, in my truck, driving across the North Carolina state line from our town in Tennessee. I’d show her exactly how someone should be treated by their parents, but before we made it to South Carolina, I had one stop to make, a treat for my kitten.

“Okay, I can’t stand it anymore, Z. You’ve gotta tell me something,” she whines, and I finally give in.

“We’re making a pit stop near Ft. Vanter. My buddy from when I was in the military is part owner in a club there, and I want to treat you to a night out.”

She tilts her head curiously. “A club? Like a dance club? Aren’t we a little old for that?”

I chuckle. “No, kitten. Not a dance club.”

“Ugh! Quit doing the vague thing. What kind of club is it?” she gripes.

I take a breath, hoping she doesn’t react badly, because I really, really want to experience my friend Corbin’s club with Kayan. Nothing on earth could possibly be better. “It’s an alternative lifestyle club.”

Her brows furrow. “An alternative lifestyle…. Z, honey, call it what it is. You’re taking me to a sex club, aren’t you?”

Well, at least she isn’t freaking out. “Technically, it’s called a BDSM club.”

She ponders this for a bit, pulling that sexy, full bottom lip between her perfect white teeth. Just when I start to fidget in my seat, she proclaims, “All right. I’m down. But I’m not getting naked in front of other people. I’m okay with taking in the scenery and stuff, but do not ask me to do the dirty in front of an audience.”

God, I love this woman. If I didn’t know it before, I do in this exact moment. I love Kayan down to my very soul.

“I’d never let anyone see what’s only mine to enjoy, kitten. There are private rooms, and I promise no one will get even a peek at your beautiful naked body,” I tell her, my voice low.

She blushes, tucking her hair behind her ear. “Okay,” she murmurs, and she sits back in her seat, the look on her face clearly revealing all the thoughts in her mind about what going to Club Alias could be like.

We arrive in the small town next to Ft. Vanter, NC just as the sun sets and check into our hotel room. After grabbing some dinner, we pull into a spot in the parking garage beneath the building Club Alias is in. As I open Kayan’s door, I can’t help but admire how gorgeous she is in her simple little black dress she changed into. It fits her like a second skin, accentuating her round hips and small waist. It’s got a high neckline, but her feminine curves can’t be hidden. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

She grasps my bicep as we climb the few steps to street level, keeping herself steady in her high heels. I can tell she’s nervous, but I don’t try to soothe her. It just builds up the excitement of the experience. She’s absolutely lucky that Club Alias will be the first BDSM club she’ll ever attend. It’s the best of the best in the whole country. The guys spared no expense when they built the place, filling the various private rooms with all the top of the line toys, tools, and devices.

Membership is hard to come by. The join fee is astronomical; plus, the application process weeds out anyone not worthy of a purely magical place such as this. I was lucky enough to be a founding member. Corbin contacted me as soon as he and his security team came up with the idea to open this place on the side. My join fee came with many perks the regular members weren’t privy to. The important one tonight being that I can bring Kayan, who is not a member who’s been through the crazy application process. Normally, she’d have to have at least four therapy sessions with Doc, the resident psychologist and leader of their security team. Once deemed safe as either a Dominant or a submissive, she’d have to go through training sessions with Seth for approval to use each and every one of the devices in the private rooms. Not to mention the five-figure join fee.

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