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“I do. And it looks like congratulations are in order,” I reply, smacking my friend on his shoulder.

“This is number two, actually,” Vi tells me. “It seems it’s his goal to keep me knocked up forever. Our firstborn is still only a baby.”

“Just making up for lost time, baby girl,” he says low, pulling her closer and kissing the side of her head.

Vi practically melts against him, and I can’t help but smile over at Kayan, who glances up at me with a look of love in her eyes.

“Well, I’m sure you two don’t want to spend all your time chatting with us. Y’all are in Tennessee, right? Quite the trip you made, so we’ll let you start your night,” Vi says, taking Corbin’s hand.

“Yep, near Nashville. Since my favorite place in the whole world is on the way to our destination in South Carolina, there was no way I couldn’t stop and show it to my woman,” I reply, and Vi smiles.

“Well I hope you enjoy your experience,” she tells Kayan.

“I’m sure I will,” she responds, looking up at me and wrapping her arm around my bicep.

Corbin reaches out to me once more, pulling me in for another man hug. “We’ll catch up soon, man. Glad to see you’ve finally found the one,” he says loud enough for only me to hear.

A few moments later, we’re stepping inside my favorite private room, and I shut the curtain behind us. When I face the room, I see Kayan is walking around, taking in all the different equipment and devices we have the option to play with. My cock stirs as she reaches up to run her fingers through the tails of a flogger. She tilts her head to the side, a surprised look on her face. When her eyes meet mine, she says, “It’s so soft. I expected it to be stiff with sharp edges.”

“It’s one of the reasons this place is the best. They don’t skimp on their tools. Only the finest for Club Alias,” I explain.

She moves to a cabinet, curiously opening the door and peeking inside. I stay where I am, watching her pick up and turn toys over in her hands as she studies them closely.

“And we can use whatever we want? No limit on how many we choose?” she asks.

This makes my dick stand at full attention. Not only does my girl want to be here, but she wants to make sure we can go all out and use as much stuff as we want. If I didn’t think Kayan was my dream girl, I would now.

“Whatever you want, kitten,” I growl, and it brings her eyes to mine before they fall to my very noticeable erection tenting the front of my pants.

She bites her lip, and then raises her gaze to mine once more. “Here’s the thing, Z. And I really hope it doesn’t make you mad.”

I take a step toward her, wanting to reassure her she can be completely honest with me. “What is it, baby?”

“I… I saw the people out there, being led around on leashes. I saw the masks, and the obedience, and the obvious power plays. I don’t know if I’m ready for all that. Would… would you mind terribly if we just… have fun? I mean, from what I see in here, there’s really nothing I wouldn’t let you use on me if you wanted to. I trust you and know you won’t hurt me. And I see quite a few things I wouldn’t mind using on you. In fact, the thought is doing some funny things beneath my skirt,” she admits with a giggle. “But as far as the like, bowing down and calling you by a ‘Dom name’… I don’t think I’d really be into that. In fact, I think I’d ruin it for you if I tried, because I wouldn’t be able to help but laugh.”

Dream. Fucking. Girl.

“Kitten, I don’t need all that. I don’t need you to kneel at my feet like I’m some kind of god. You already look up at me that way, whether you realize you do or not,” I tell her, my heart pounding in my chest.

She crosses her arms and cocks a hip. “Is that supposed to be a short joke?” she accuses sassily, trying hard to conceal her smile.

I take another step toward her. “Nope, it’s the truth. When you look up at me with those gorgeous eyes of yours, you already make me feel like I’m the king of the world, like I hung the moon and stars. I don’t need you to role play or call me anything other than… yours.”

Her arms lower, and her face goes slack. “Oh, Z. That’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me.” Her bottom lip trembles.

I finally close the space between us then reach up to tuck her hair behind her ear before cupping her delicate jaw. “Just your willingness to try new things, to play with me and allow me to take you to places you’ve never been before, literally and figuratively, makes you my perfect partner. And I love you for it.”

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