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When she reaches back and pulls her ass cheeks apart, her sweet cunt grabs onto my cock, and I lay a slap on her ass with my free hand.

“Let go,” I growl, watching the devious smile crest her lips. My vixen knows exactly what she’s doing.

Her body yields as I lay another smack on her ass and fuck into her without remorse. Before long, we are both grunting and moaning cumming together, and I feel my cum dripping out of her as I hold myself deep and coat her insides.

I let go of her hair and pull her hips back to let her know I’m not done.

She moans again, and I reach down below us, scooping up our combined juices before reaching down to bring my fingers to her lips.

She opens without a word, sucking my fingers inside and making my cock harden and my balls twitch.

“More,” she whispers as her hands reach forward on the bed and she thrusts her hips back.

“That’s my girl. Fuck me back. Show me how much you want it.”

I look down to see my thick, glistening cock stretching her obscenely wide, sliding in and out of her soaking cunt. Her inner muscles clench and release, pulling me off with every thrust.

I reach under us again, running my thumb around her clit as I listen to her sounds of pleasure.

“You like feeling my cum dripping out of you all day, don’t you, my little Whip? You like knowing who you belong to.”

She nods into the bedding.

“Good girl. Fuck, you feel so good.”

I bring my hand back, my thumb slick, and press it to her asshole as I hear her suck in a breath of air.

As I push it inside, pumping my hips faster, her body locks down, a climax rips through her and sets me off, milking my cock as I pulse my thumb into her dark hole.

I roar as I go off, splitting her open as I bury myself to the limits of her body. I fuck her like I want to hurt her, like I want to prove something.

My balls tighten, my cock throbs as I deliver another round of cum deep into her slippery, tight cunt.

When I pull out, I scoop her quivering body into mine, panting as we lay there clutching each other and I cannot see my life without her.

After we recover, we take a quick shower, dress and are on our way out.

“You ready?” I rest my hand on the small of her back as I open the door to the truck and then help her up and in, buckling her in her seat.

“I’m quite grown up you know. I can buckle my own—”

I cut her off. “I realize you can do most anything for yourself. That’s not the point, so calm down and get used to it. I need to take care of you, for me as much as for you. Sorry, that’s just the reality now. So, your job is to let me.”

I give her a peck on the cheek with a wink, before getting around to my side and climbing in beside her.

“I’m starving,” she says, and I reach over to take her hand.

“Me too. I can’t seem to get my fill of you.”

She smiles and smacks my shoulder. “I could say the same thing about you.”

“Good.” I start up the truck and make my way through town toward the restaurant I’ve got lined up for our early dinner. “As of right now, I’ve got until tomorrow morning before I have to get back to work.”

“Sounds great. Are we going to get any sleep tonight?” She smiles and squeezes my fingers, and I return the pressure.

“Probably not.”

We chat on the drive, and I ask her a thousand questions about her life and what she wants from the future, committing each detail to memory and figuring out ways I can help make all her dreams come true. I fight off the thoughts of the threats of criminal charges from this shit on the well sites. From what Henry said, if it comes to pass, I could actually be down for real time. No deal and how I could lose what I’ve found to some bullshit charges has me about to lose my mind.

At the restaurant, I valet the truck—mud and all—and usher her inside when my phone is going off. It’s Gloria, and as much as I want to ignore it, with everything going on it’s not responsible.

“Fuck, Issi. I have to take this. I’ve got some heavy shit going on at work.” I pull the phone out and answer. “Gloria, hold on one minute.” I put the phone down at my side and find a table in the bar area and pull Issi’s chair out. “I’ll be back in just a minute. Let me see what’s going on, baby.”