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I seat her then take my place, reaching across to hold her hand when the waitress approaches with a smile and hands us two menus.

“No need,” I tell her. “I know what we’re having.”

Issi looks at me in shock. “You are going to order for us? Maybe I’d like a choice.”

“Tell you what. I come here a lot. You listen to me order for us, if you don’t like what you hear, then we’ll change it up. But, trust me, I know from experience what is phenomenal here, and I want you to have the best of the best. Deal?”

She tilts her head, and when the waitress looks down at her, she tumbles her hair over her birthmark. Before she can answer, I let one of her hands go, reach across the table and tuck her hair behind her ear. “I almost forgot how beautiful you are, by the way.” I wink at her, and she gives me a playful eye roll.

“Go ahead. Let’s see what you got.” Issi concedes, and I proceed to order the best of what they have.

This is a five-star restaurant, and I order a five-course meal for us to taste and share, and when I’m done ordering, the waitress looks at Issi waiting for her approval.

“Okay.” She half snort laughs. “I think he basically just ordered the entire menu, so I’ll defer to him this time.”

“Very good.” The young brunette gives us a polite grin and walks away.

“How’s work?” I ask.

“Busy. Crazy. We’ve got this big tech deal going on. I’m still finding my feet with my team a bit, but for the most part, it’s going great. I’ve got some breathing room until tomorrow, then I have to get back home and back to the office. I just want you to know I’m having a great time, but I have responsibilities as well.”

“I respect that, and I want you to succeed at anything and everything that is important to you.” I pause, then add, “Unless it involved becoming a porn star or something like that. Sorry, I don’t share well.”



VAN IS GETTING HIS gold status with the airline. He flies in practically every other day or flies me to him when I can get away. After my last visit there, it’s been forty-eight hours and we are here at my place wrecking another set of sheets.

The sensation of his tongue sliding up and down, flicking at my clit, has my body wound tight and ready to snap. I arch upward as he licks lower, pushing his tongue inside me over and over until I’m a trembling, babbling mess.

A moment later he’s grunting and growling into me, and the vibration of his own noises radiate over my delicate flesh, making my skin prickle. His tongue is everywhere, then back inside me, greedy and unsatiated, his fingertips digging into the flesh of my thighs as he holds them apart.

I fist the sheets, wiggling against his face as his thick tongue fucks into me and another orgasm begins to build in my core.

Van shifts and slips his tongue into my folds, up to my clit, swirling around and back down over and over again until I think I’m going mad. He’s holding me purposely on the edge, and as much as I hate it, I know now that when he finally gives me my release, the orgasm will be epic.

He pauses, and I look down to see him staring up at me.

“What?” I pant, my hands moving to pinch my nipples because I know he loves when I do that.

“Who are you?” he asks, his voice thick and his lips shimmering.

There’s hardly any blood in my brain, and for a second, I’m confused. He raises an eyebrow and tilts his head to the side, his teeth meeting the sensitive skin on my inner thigh, and as he bites down, it sends a shockwave through me.

I moan and squeeze my eyes shut.

Before I can answer, it’s all teeth again, the same spot, harder this time, and I fight the urge to push his head away. I love the mixture of sensations, and Van is pushing me farther than we’ve gone before.

“I’m yours.” I manage, squeezing my hard peaks as his teeth relax and his lips move gently over my outer lips, making me shiver.

“Yes, you are.” He takes a long swipe from my opening up to my clit, then back down, and I whimper in response. “You are my baby girl. All mine.”

His words push me closer, and his mouth gives me what I need. He hums into me as he works my clit, then he releases one hand and before I know it his fingers are pushing inside me.

The mixture of the pain of his bite and the way his mouth and fingers are playing send me over the edge. I hear Van moan with me as I twist, and he holds me tight against his mouth.