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When I can finally see straight again, I sit up as Van stands from where he was kneeling at the edge of the bed, and I crawl off beside him and slip to my knees.

“Please.” I crawl toward him, his naked cock hard and leaking. I narrow my eyes, focusing on his face as I center myself in front of him on my knees. “Please,” I repeat and see the flash of desire flicker in his eyes.

He likes when I say please.

I reach for him, circling the stiff length in one hand as I lean in, breathing in his masculine scent before running my tongue over his balls, feeling them tighten at the touch.

As I release a contented moan, I look up to see him staring down. A smile pulls at the corner of my mouth, then I take the swollen head between my lips, licking and wetting him as I go.

I suck like my life depends on it, cupping his balls with my other hand, lightly manipulating them under the textured skin.

He’s cursing already, his hands coming to the sides of my head to take over, and he fucks my mouth without apology.

The back of my throat opens as he plunges down, and I fight off the urge to choke. His monster cock has my lips stretched, and he’s pushing farther down than ever before.

“Fuck, baby.” I look up, and his eyes are on mine. “I fucking love you.”

The words hit me like a lightning bolt. I can’t help but smile around his cock and go back to making love to him with my mouth, hoping he understands it means I love him too.

Because I do.

God, I do.

I feel the head of his cock swell and take him down my throat, swallowing around the head, massaging it as his hands control my movements.

A few seconds of that and he is grunting and thrusting. Jets of hot cum fill my mouth and throat, and I swallow, gasping for air around the thick shaft but not releasing him until I’ve sucked every drop out of him and down my throat.

“Jesus, that felt so fucking amazing.” He reaches down to take my hands, helping me to stand and pulling me into him for a deep kiss.

When we come up for air, I smile, and he pulls us down onto the bed together, tugging me against him as we spoon, and he licks and kisses the back of my neck. His hands reach down to pull the covers over us, then settle around me, hugging me tightly.

Just as we begin to melt into each other, we are both jolted from our calm by George running in and leaping onto the bed, standing on my hip.

“Well, hello.” I reach and scratch under her chin. “Thank you for waiting for us to finish.”

Van chuckles into my ear. “I wish I could say I taught her patience.”

George came with Van this visit. And I met her for the first time a few hours ago. Van warned me she didn’t like anyone but him and told me not to try to push myself on her as he didn’t want to see a fight between his two favorite women.

I shrugged as he let George out of the pet carrier and she proceeded to run over to me, sniffed my ankles for a minute, then sat on my left foot. Van cautioned me, but I reached down and scooped her up with one hand and brought her to my face, which she proceeded to lick and nibble.

From that moment, she’s ignored Van almost completely and seems more than enamored with me.

“She’s a traitor.” Van reaches over to pet her as she sits on my hip and receives a snarl for his efforts. He laughs and pets her anyway. “I guess I’ve been replaced.”

“Guess so.”

I look at Van’s arm, the indigo ink shape of a lion there intersected by a deep scar around his arm.

“When did you get your tattoo?” I’ve been wondering for a while. He has no others, and this one looks like he’s had it for a long time. The lines of the ink are fuzzy at the edges. “And that scar. And the one on your face.”

“Wow. You jut want to know it all, all at once.”

I shift next to him as George hops down and snuggles in next to my tummy.

“I’ve been meaning to ask but keep forgetting. So, yes, now I want to know.”

“Okay.” Van pushes his still half hard cock into my ass, and his breathing is warm on my shoulder. “The tattoo, I wish it was a better story.” He pauses like he’s choosing his words. “I left home when I was sixteen. Left school too. I know you’re on the other end of the education spectrum from me, Issi. I dropped out of school at sixteen and truth is, I’ve wondered if that would be an issue with you.”