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“Any harder baby and I’m going to blow your tonsils out of your mouth.”

I grunt like an animal, shoving my rear end back into his manic thrusts. He’s cursing and laying his hand hard onto each cheek, alternating until I cry out and he pounds into me right through another of several orgasms I’ve had over the last five minutes.

Yes, I’m a sweet, conservative girl who likes it rough.

He still groans every time he slips inside me. I’m tiny, and he’s huge, and my body has yet to yield completely to his size. And that’s a wonderful thing. He fills me in so many ways, but one way is this, and I’ll be honest—I can’t get enough of him.

And thank goodness he feels the same way.

I’m six months pregnant with our third baby and being pregnant always makes me hornier than usual. So it’s just lucky my being pregnant makes Van hornier than usual as well.

I guess we’re the perfect match.

We are filthy with each other, and I never imagined sex could be this amazing. And fun.

“Fuck me,” I half scream as another wave of my orgasm takes me.

“They’re going to hear you.” Van half laughs as his balls smack against my rear end, and the sound of our bodies meeting fills the air.

“Don’t. Care.”

“Then milk my cock, baby. They can hear me scream when I cum, too.”

Van makes me half laugh in the midst of my bliss, then thrusts so hard I think he’s trying to drive me straight through the mattress.

He reaches around and fingers my clit, swirling around it as his other hand brings another hard smack on my ass.

“Come with me.” He speeds his strokes. “Again, come again.”

He pinches my clit, and I go off again at the sensation and his words. He buries himself inside me, and I feel the hot release coat my inside and begin to drip out down the insides of my legs.

His body comes down over my back, and his teeth connect with the flesh of the back of my neck, and I ride out the explosion until I’m panting and clawing at the sheets, desperate to stay conscious.

He growls into my ear. “Such a good girl.”

When he withdraws, it’s slow, and I feel the emptiness he leaves behind. It makes me draw a sharp breath, and I whimper a little at the loss.

“Stay like that.” He orders as I feel his weight leave the bed. “Face down, ass up. I like your sweet smart-ass up for me, displaying what’s mine. Watching me drip out of you.”

“You are filthy. You know that?” I chuckle, taking a deep breath and turning my head to see him standing there, stroking his still hard cock. “Are you really doing that right now?”

“Yeah. I am.” He smiles back, then lets himself go. “But you know I’m not going to waste my cum. You can suck it out of my cock later, after dinner. Will be your Thanksgiving dessert.”

A minute later he’s kissing me and helping me walk on wobbly legs toward the closet. We’re sex covered, and I’m dripping with him, but this all started in the shower, so at least my hair is still clean.

We dress and finally make it downstairs to where the house is filled with the smells of a southern Thanksgiving. Complete with all the usual, but with our own traditional additions of barbequed ribs and ten kinds of ice cream.

“Well, hi.” My mom is sitting on the counter while Jack fusses over a bunch of steaming pans on the stove. “What took you so long?”

“Got tangled up in the turkey.” I nod toward Van, who gives me a playful tug on my hair.

“Uh huh.” He steps over and confers with Jack on what other cooking needs to happen for our meal to be complete.

“Where are the kiddos?” I ask Mom, who points down the hall.

“Sadie is sleeping, and Jackson is tormenting Kara and Emily outside on the trampoline.”

Kara still lives in Van’s former house. She has a girlfriend. Turned out, she wasn’t all that enthused about the father of her baby anyway, and finally got the courage to come out as a girl who likes girls. Gloria is also due to come for our meal, but true to form, she is running late and has a million balls in the air, so we just hope she will make it for dinner.

My little company is doing well. Several of my original clients have set off on their own, and my investments in their ventures have multiplied exponentially. I only take on clients on a limited basis, finding I’m about as happy as I ever have been as a wife and mother, but still like to keep my hand in the business as much as pleases me.

My mom and Jack live together in his place, which is about ten miles away. But Mom has turned down his proposals several times. He takes it well, letting her know in no uncertain terms, whether they are married or not, she belongs to him and she’s never getting away.