He didn’t even have to give me half of his assets and I’m wondering now if he’d moved us here for that very reason. I’d known all along that he wasn’t in love with me, and without our daughter he’d be long gone.

But like I said, I was banking on the fact that he’d want to stay married for her sake if nothing else. That’s why I’d played crazy right after she was born, to test him a little. He’d been so good, the way he’d taken care of me and found me the best therapist.

But as soon as he realized that there was nothing wrong with me on that score it’s like the lights went off. That’s when he started searching for answers and found the group.

After the divorce, I tried one last time, pleading for the sake of our child, to give me one more chance. I’d even tried climbing into his bed once. He’d kicked me out, literally and laughed at my suggestion that we give it one more try.

That’s when he’d forbidden me to ever come back to his room ever again. Then I started making my daughter sick on purpose, so he’d see that she couldn’t be without me. But he didn’t seem to care.

And now I’m afraid my last chance has been blown. Because of her. Why did she have to show up here now? Now when I was so close? And why didn’t I realize the threat before it was too late?

You see, like I said, I know Brandon. I know that look he gets when he sees a woman he likes. I’d made myself into one of those women hadn’t I? I know his body language when he sees someone he wants to mate with.

I didn’t know it would hurt this much though. Of course I knew I had feelings for him, but I’d always tried to safeguard myself because I knew he didn’t feel the same. So I’d convinced myself that what I felt was just mild affection, even while trying to win his heart.

Even going through the divorce I was still able to hang on, especially after he agreed to let me stay here until I got back on my feet. I’d read up on the laws and knew that if I stayed past thirty days he would have to take me to court to get me to leave.

Little did I know that he already knew that and had made me sign an agreement to be out by a certain date no questions asked or he could have me forcibly removed.

It seems like once the divorce proceedings started I’d ceased being the mother of his child and had instead become public enemy number one. And he hasn’t stopped treating me that way to this day.

I wish there was something about this new situation that I could use to put a stop to it, but there isn’t and believe me I’ve checked. The girl is of legal age, and she didn’t have a record or anything that I could use to disclaim her.

In fact, she comes from a rather nice family herself. Not as wealthy as Brandon, but nothing to sneeze at and definitely more than I have. But she’s not even his type, and that’s the thing that’s bothering me most of all.

I know his type, I’m his type. Even the other one that was working here before the divorce was no threat. She was thin sure, but she was blonde and not many people know this, but Brandon is in no way attracted to blondes.

That’s why most of my friends when we were married were blondes. But at least Cindy had the right body type. But this girl, though she has an hourglass shape, her ass is wide and her tits are at least a double D.

As far as I know, Brandon has always been into very slender women and not as petite as her five foot three frame either. It made no sense. That’s why when she first came I didn’t pay her too much attention.

Sure she had a pretty face, don’t most plus size women? But she was no threat, not even in my league truth be told, so I had nothing to worry about there.

I figured also that she’d be a nice change from Cindy whose dresses seemed to get shorter and tighter immediately after the divorce. The little bitch.

But instead, it’s turning into a disaster. They’re leaving tomorrow for the beach house, alone and if I don’t come up with something, I’m going to lose him for sure. I can just feel it.

If I hadn’t seen them today, even with my suspicions growing the last few days, I would’ve been none the wiser. The first time I saw them together I saw it, but it was so farfetched to think that he would go for someone like her, that I’d laughed it off.

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