It also has some very neat toys that are going to come in handy. My cock got hard just thinking about it and I wished the hours away.

I can’t get started on her soon enough. It has been some time since I’d looked forward to anything this much. Especially anything of a sexual nature.


I felt the sun in my eyes and realized it was coming in from the wrong angle for this time of the morning. My eyes fluttered open and I saw the stuffed toys and the mural on the ceiling and the walls.

Lily’s room. Such a girly girl’s room. It was hard to believe that the manly Brandon had been the one to design it himself. But it seems when it comes to his little girl he’s very hands-on.

I felt the smile touch the corners of my lips as I remembered what today was, and then the night came rushing back in. I sat up quickly and looked around at where he’d slept. He was gone and so was Lily.

I felt the heat in my cheeks as I replayed our conversation from the night before. Had that been real or just a dream? No, it was real alright. Now how am I supposed to face him in the light of day? What am I supposed to do, where do I look?

I had just made it out of the nursery when I heard the pounding on the front door and was just in time to see Brandon open the door to the cops. “Officers?” He sounded surprised to see them at his door and so was I.

“We need to come in sir. We got a call from this location about someone being attacked.” We both looked at each other in confusion as I walked over and he stepped back to let them in. “Is there anyone else at the residence?”

“Yes, my ex-wife I’ll get her for you.”

“That won’t be necessary sir, just show us the way.” He pointed them down the hall and from the look on his face I started to get a bad feeling.

They soon came back with Rachel, but this was not the same woman I’d seen the night before. She was beaten black and blue, her face was marked and her lip cut and swollen.

“Sir, we’re gonna have to ask you to come down town with us.”

“And why is that?” He folded his arms and looked at them like they’d asked him for the time. He didn’t seem to grasp the situation at all from his laidback attitude.

Maybe he was thinking that his money was a cushion against the law but I could’ve told him, not in this town. The local chief is known to have a grievance against the very wealthy and no one gets away with anything, which is good for law-abiding citizens not so much for the wily.

“Because your ex-wife says you attacked her….”

“When was this supposed to have happened? Brielle, go into my bedroom and bring me the phone off the nightstand. Go ahead officer when was this supposed to have happened?”

“According to her, last night she came into your room to ask you a question about your child and you attacked her then held her captive in your room. You only released her once the babysitter woke up not long ago…”

“That’s a lie…” Oh shit. I slapped my hand over my mouth as all eyes turned my way. I’d rushed back with the phone only to hear that last one.

“Do you know something about what happened here Ms.?”

“Sawyer, Brielle Sawyer.” They looked at each other in understanding.

How embarrassing to be known by everyone in the damn county. Not because of any illegal activity, but because of who my daddy is and the fact that his family founded the town.

“Ok Ms. Sawyer, tell us what you know.”

“Um. The walls here are very thick, so you can’t really hear much of anything…”

“See, so how could you know what happened after you went to bed?”

“Ma’am, let her speak please. Go on!”

“As I was saying, normally you can’t hear, but last night I left my door open a crack because Lily, that’s the little girl, she hadn’t been feeling well when I put her down for the night.”

Why the hell was Rachel looking so guilty? I carried on with my tale but thought her look rather odd and out of place. Something to think about later. “I heard their voices in his room and then she left and went back to hers.”

“So it happened after that. I went back to his room to try to talk some sense into him a second time and that’s when it happened. You didn’t see.”

“That can’t be true either.”

“And why is that Ms. Sawyer?”

“Because not long after that Lily fretted in her sleep and I saw Ms. …. I don’t know what her name is now that they’re divorced.”