He locked up the house and set the alarm. “Don’t worry, I already called the company and had it changed.” It’s as if he read my mind because I was just wondering about that, knowing that she knew the old number. My next thought was…

“And no, I didn’t use a number she would know.” He smiled and I grinned at his facetious look. He drove us out to the airstrip where an attendant took his car away while we boarded his private jet.

I got Lily settled with some toys since her dad said that once she’s distracted she should be okay for the three hour flight. She was no longer as fussy as the night before, but I wasn’t sure how her little ears were going to feel during and after takeoff.

I didn’t pay much attention to anything after we boarded until it was time to takeoff. Lily had captured all my attention. I did notice that the hot stewardess was very attentive to him, though he didn’t seem to notice.

I sat next to Lily with him across from us reading a money magazine and looking rather dashing doing it. I’d been so distracted by the early morning drama with the ex-wife that I’d forgotten to be embarrassed about the night before.

But as soon as we were in the air with a sleeping Lily no longer there to distract us, I started to feel self-conscious. I couldn’t sit still all of a sudden and was a fidgety mess by the time the plane leveled out in the sky.

“Are you afraid of flying Brielle?” Does he have to make my name sound like a caress?

“Uh-no, no I’m not.”

“Stop fidgeting.” How did he….he hadn’t even picked his head up from the magazine.

I looked out the window but honestly I saw nothing. I almost came out of my skin when I heard his voice again five minutes later. “Melanie.”


“I do not wish to be disturbed.”

Her yes sir sounded disheartened even to my ears. No doubt she was thinking that there was something going on between him and I and there goes her chance.

“Come!” He unbuckled his seatbelt and waited. I fumbled with mine and got to my feet to walk the few steps over to him. My legs were unsteady but it had nothing to do with turbulence. Instead they were shaking because of the look in his eyes when he looked at me.

I stood before him with my hands at my sides not knowing what to do with them. He took one of my hands and pulled me down onto his lap. I didn’t know where to look so left my eyes trained on his chin. His finger lifting mine soon changed that.

“I told you to look at me when we’re talking?” I nodded my head and met his gaze with my face on fire. I was in no way prepared for him to just lower his head and kiss me; but he did. And everything spun out of control.

There was too much going on inside of me at once. Too many things to hold onto, to explore. My senses were overloaded with sensation and scents and sounds. Like the feel of his hard chest, the scent of his expensive cologne and the touch of his hand on my hip as he held me securely against him.

I was very aware of his size. Beneath his clothes it’s obvious that he’s built, but to feel the strength of his thighs beneath me, and his big strong arms wrapped around me.

Even the hand he held against my hip was large, and I felt small and dainty sitting on his lip. All of that combined to make me feel weak in the knees and more than a little excited between my thighs.

He teased my lips with his, taking little soft nibbles but not exactly diving in the way I was now dying for him to. His lips didn’t devour the way I expected a kiss to be. Especially from someone like him, with his size. There was no bumbling awkwardness, no missteps.

It was soft as butterfly wings, and just as fleeting. My heart felt like one big mass of tension and my tummy was the most unsettled it’s ever been, and yet, I wouldn’t have traded that moment for anything. It was my first after all, something to be cherished.

He used his thumb to pull on my lower lip before letting his finger run along the inside and I found myself thinking that I didn’t know the inner lip was an erogenous zone. Each pass of his finger sent tingles straight to my nipples and made my breasts feel heavy.

Then he lowered his head again and licked the inside of my lip while still holding it open with his thumb. “Kiss me.” I released my breath at his words and almost inhaled his tongue when he finally put it in my mouth.

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