“No, I don’t think…” Is there a correct way to answer that question? Just as suddenly as it appeared his hand disappeared again and I almost cried out in protest. “Go back to your seat, Lily’s about to wake up. Turn on the stuffed yellow duck and give it to her.”

I don’t know how I got from his lap to my seat but no sooner had I sat down and rummaged around in the bag for the toy than the little girl was up fretting. I wound up the toy that played old- fashioned lullabies and passed it to her.

She grabbed it and put her thumb in her mouth and fell right back to sleep. “Are you hungry? You haven’t had breakfast.” I could only shake my head no, I couldn’t eat air now if you fed it to me. My tummy was too full of butterflies.

“Come back to me then.” I got up once again on trembling knees and he made room for me on his lap. “She won’t wake up again until we land. I gave her some meds per doctor’s instructions before we left.”

“You called the doctor?”

“Yes, I wasn’t sure about her symptoms and didn’t want her flying if it was going to irritate her. He suggested the medication to offer some comfort but I’m still going to keep an eye on her.”

I’d asked the question because it seemed like he was two different people right now and I can’t keep up. Not even I had thought of calling the doctor, but then again I’m not a parent.

The fact that he’d had the presence of mind to do it said a lot about him. Had I not been sure already of his total devotion to his daughter, that would’ve cinched it.

I found myself on his lap once again with his arms around me. This time he made no move to touch me where I needed him to most, and it was all I could do not to grab his hand and put it back, or beg him to do it.

In the end I just sat on his lap, stiff as a piece of wood, feeling the heat of his gaze on my face while I pretended not to notice. I was about to chew the skin off my lip as something to do to stop myself from feeling so awkward. He pulled my lip from between my teeth with his thumb.

That thumb ended up in my mouth. “Suck!” My eyes almost fell out of my head and my heart rate picked up speed again. And all he’d done was say one word. I pulled his thumb in deeper with my lips and tongue and sucked tentatively at first.

Pretty soon he was moving that finger in and out of my mouth and I have no idea why a finger should make me feel this way but I was about to explode. He didn’t leave his thumb in my mouth for very long though before pulling it back out again.

His kiss this time felt dirtier, raunchier. Like he was trying to tell me something with his tongue. The way he pushed it back and forth in my mouth, the way he sent it on an expedition around the whole inside. I was soon distracted from what was going on in my mouth by his hands though.

I felt one cup my breast only this time it didn’t just cup but felt. It was almost as if my nipple had a mind of its own. I could feel my body moving ever so slightly, as I tried putting my aching nipple in the path of his hand.

I thought he was dense at first when he kept missing it, but when I felt his chest shake in laughter I knew he was teasing me. I didn’t think before I slapped his shoulder.

We both stopped moving at that until he lifted my hand and kissed each of my fingers slowly. Even that made my tummy tremble. It was either that or the way he looked at me while he did it.

“Are you curious about Rachel and I? I haven’t thanked you yet for coming to my rescue. Though I’m sure the surveillance inside the house would’ve cleared me of all wrong doing, it would’ve taken some time and offset my plans for the next few months, which is what she was after anyway.”

“What do you mean? She lied to keep you from leaving?”

“Us, she didn’t want us to leave together. She saw us yesterday in the backyard.” At my confused look he went on to explain.

“She knows me well, it would only take her five minutes in a room with you and I for her to notice the signs.” He pushed my hair back behind my ear. “What signs?”

“That I want you. That I mean to have you.”

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