“Oh well, at least your summer is set while I’m gonna be stuck here in this dump of a city going to school every damn day. I hate this.” She moaned into the phone the way she has been ever since she got the bad news that she was failing and needed to make up a few classes over the summer.

She’d been all psyched to go to the beach this year, same as last when she worked with the family for a few weeks there on their island home. I think the divorce had started then or thereabouts and she had high hopes of enticing her boss with her hot body now that it was final.

She’d worked hard too on getting her summer body ready. I can’t blame her for being disappointed. I’d have felt the same had I been in her shoes.

I thought it prudent to remind her why she had to stay and attend summer school if she wanted to pass her classes though and why. It wouldn’t be beyond the realm of imagination for her to say screw it and head to the beach at the last minute.

“But you need it if you want to get into the medical program at the university next year.” I wasn’t being selfish at all. I was just looking out for a friend.

“Don’t remind me, why couldn’t I have your brains? I got the beauty you got the brains.” I didn’t take offense at her statement, it’s not like she hadn’t said it a thousand times before.

I’ve learned to take it with a grain of salt, since except for her very poor judgment in this one area she’s a pretty cool chick. And I honestly never got the sense that she was saying it to be malicious. She’s only stating the obvious anyway, so why get mad?

So as usual I laughed it off, I’ll leave it to someone else to tell her why she shouldn’t say things like that, because I know, coming from me, it’ll just go right over her head anyway. In her eyes, that’s just the way things are, that’s what she sees.

She’s always been gorgeous, even in middle school. I don’t think she’s ever had a bad hair day or a pimple in her life. I guess it’s only normal for a person like that to be full of herself.

And when we grew older and boys became a thing, her head only got bigger because they all flocked to her like bees to their favorite flower. Still, I don’t see where she’s that bad. Just a bit misguided is all.

To this day people still wonder how we became friends. She’s the proverbial blonde haired blue eyed cheerleader who hung out with the It crowd. The fashionista who always wore the most awesome outfits and never missed a step when it came to looking her very best.

While I’m the slightly thick brunette with nondescript brown eyes, a fat ass and boobs that block my feet unless I bend over. Who has to wear the same type of clothing everyday because everything else makes me look like a round butterball turkey. And who also happens to be part of the Math and Science club.

We’ve been best friends since first grade though, that’s why she’d thought of me to fill in for her. That and I knew she had the hots for her boss, and she trusted me because who in their right mind would go for me over her? she could’ve asked any number of people I’m sure, but I wasn’t mad at her for choosing me as the safest bet. Again, I’d do the same if the shoe was on the other foot.

We fooled around on the phone for a little while longer before she had to go. “I’m really-really bummed that I can’t go, I was so looking forward to this. I even got my belly button pierced.”

Oh that’s really bad. To go through all that and still lose out in the end. I didn’t say a word though. I didn’t want to give her any kind of excuse to grab onto to change her mind or find a way to get out of classes. I was already looking forward to the trip myself.

“Okay I better get back to these books. Call me if you need me and don’t do anything I won’t.” I hung up with a laugh. There isn’t much my sexually adventurous friend hasn’t done. The thought was only slightly depressing. She’d gone to every base there is, while I was still stuck on the bench.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve had offers. It’s just that in this town it’s hard to tell if they wanted me, or my inheritance. Plus, I’m a big old romantic at heart and the boys at school wouldn’t know romance if it walked up and bit them in the butt. They just all seemed too grabby, like they were all hands and no substance.

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