I guess that kind of confidence comes with age. No, that can’t be it. I know people his age and can honestly say I have never met a more confident being. He says things in a way that makes them sound like a foreshadowing, or a done deal.

“And she knows me well enough to know, that once I set my mind on something, I never stop until I get it. Especially a tasty little morsel like you.” He tweaked my nipple, finally and I felt his teeth in my neck at the same time.

I was wishing the flight was longer even though we still had a good hour or more left. I could’ve stayed there in his lap for the rest of the day doing the things we were doing.

“I bet like everyone else you’re wondering what went wrong between us. Though I don’t share this with anyone, I figure because of what we’re about to share, I should tell you at least some of it.”

What we’re about to share. He’s trying to kill me. His words alone were having the most amazing effect on my senses and I wasn’t sure that I could take much more.

“My wife joined a cult.” The change of conversation even though expected was still a bit jarring. Or maybe it was the subject matter. “A what?” I looked at him incredulously, not quite believing that I’d heard right.

“Yep, after a couple years of marriage she joined some cult that convinced her that the life we shared was a sin.”

“I don’t understand…”

“That movie you watched, was it about a man controlling a woman completely or just sexually?” Was there a difference? Oh shoot, now I can’t remember.

“Never mind, whatever you saw, multiply it by a hundred and you’ve got me.” A hundred? Oh dear heaven I can’t…a hundred? His voice intruded just in time. My body was about to betray me again.

“Everyone thinks that one or the other of us had an affair, but that’s not the case. I am a man of certain…appetites. I like certain things with my sex. Not all the time, and with her I’d lost interest in playing long before we got married, but she was my wife and I treated her as such.”

“Every once in a while I’d feel the need to play, but it was nowhere near as exciting as it used to be, not just with her, but the whole thing.”

“I’m not into cheating, so as miserable as I was, she was the only woman I took to my bed, so when those urges arose, it was her that I shared them with.” He stopped talking for a while but that hand kept moving on my nipple.

“After Lily was born, she changed. I don’t know how she found that group, well at the time I didn’t know. I only found out lately that she’d been a part of it since we moved here.” He seemed more than a little annoyed at that.

“I still don’t know if she’d always had in mind to fleece me, not like that anyway. Our whole marriage was one big fleece job but that’s a different story. Back to the reason for the divorce.”

“Somehow these people talked her into trying to blackmail me. She’s such a good liar and a phenomenal actress, that at first I bought into the thought that they’d brainwashed her.”

“They wanted me to pay for them to keep our sex life a secret. Apparently they thought I would cave and give into their demands to keep my public profile whistle clean.” I felt a new tension in his strong thighs under my ass.

“I’m not ashamed of my sexuality and I’d be damned if I’ll let some charlatan with his hands in people’s pockets make me feel bad for liking my sex raw.”

“When we met Rachel and I were on the same page, but after the kid she started to change. Then one day she told me about this cult she found. Of course she didn’t call it that but it only took one look for me to know.”

“She thought I would follow her into that shit but no thanks. In the end I had two choices, have an affair to satisfy my sexual needs, or get a divorce and start all over. I chose the latter.”

“She made it very easy for me too. She’s the one who asked for the divorce as part of their scheme to get me to fold. And it was only later, after everything had started, that I got to know the whole truth.”

“She’d been a part of them long before she tried reeling me in. I’m still not clear on whether she was in on the scheme for the same reasons as them, or if that was just a byproduct of whatever she’s got going on. During the divorce she claimed she didn’t know what they were into or what it was they were plotting against me.”

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