“Are you on the pill, any form of birth control?” She shook her head no and looked down at her lap as if she thought that meant the deal was off. “Don’t worry, I’ll think of something.” Even as I said it I questioned myself.

I already knew what I wanted to do, how I wanted to take her. I don’t want anything between us when I cum. I don’t want her womb protected from my seed. But how the fuck do I do this without destroying her life and the plans that she’d made?

My gut hurt at my choices. I want to tell her outright, but what if she balks? But if I don’t tell her and she does turn up pregnant… Fuck, what the fuck kinda situation is this to be in?


The plane landed and he carried a sleeping Lily while I followed behind. There was a car and driver waiting and once our bags were delivered to the car we drove along the most picturesque beachside I’d ever seen and I’ve seen plenty.

He’d said this was a private island in the British Islands so I wasn’t surprised when we had to board a boat for the last leg of our trip. I was a little more surprised that he captained the boat himself.

Lily was a little fussy after her nap so I sat with her, both of us in our life jacket per his instructions. I could already tell that I was going to have a good time here. Nothing like sun and surf to warm the heart.

The house was another beauty, he likes beautiful houses it seems, something else I can get behind. For me the house doesn’t have to be as big as a castle though this one was huge. Just as long as the architecture is nice to look at.

The beach house was just that, stone white outside and large airy colorful rooms on the inside. With all the many windows letting the outside in, it was perfectly done. I was ready to strip down and go jump in the water immediately, or not.

I realized as I was changing Lily out of her travel clothes that he and I were basically alone together. And if the hot looks he kept giving me were any indication, he was thinking the same.

I was a bundle of nerves, shy one minute and feeling like a vixen the next. Especially when I changed out of my usual uniform of capris and tank-let. Or was it when I saw his mark just over my nipple?

Whatever it was that got my juices flowing again, right after I’d cleaned myself up in the bathroom I might add, it went up a couple notches when he first saw me in the cute little summer dress I’d changed into.

When I packed to go to his home I didn’t have in mind that this thing between us was going to evolve at this rate, in fact ever. I was just thinking of the smartest things to wear at the beach and so that’s what I grabbed.

This short orange dress with the thin straps and tight bodice that flared from the waist to the knees was perfect for beach weather, but the way he looked at me when I walked into the kitchen said it was perfect for something else as well.

He was already sitting Lily in her high chair and had her lunch ready I saw. “I asked the staff to prepare a meal for later and something lighter for now. They’ll be here in the mornings between eleven and three everyday unless I say otherwise. You look amazing in that dress.”

The last was said as he walked by me on his way to the refrigerator and the heat in his words and his eyes was enough to scorch. I swallowed hard and walked over to the table with butterflies in my stomach.

He put some sort of crudité with dips along with a cheese and fruit platter on the table before joining me. Lily kept asking him questions which he answered in between giving me looks and I selfishly wished she’d go back to sleep.

Of course she didn’t, and I didn’t know if I should be grateful or not, since every second she stayed awake the tension between him and I just kept growing stronger. It seemed as if every little gesture had a hidden meaning.

It got so bad that I found myself watching his arm and the way the large gold watch looked on his wrist. I never knew that could be sexy. Or the way he’d turn his head as if sensing my gaze. And those times, the look he’d give me. Mercy!

“Let’s take her down to the water she’ll tire herself out. Right now she’s hyper and over sensitive because of the plane ride and the change.” It amazes me how in tuned this man is with his child. Even my own dad isn’t as with it, and he’s very hands-on himself.

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