“Did you study child psychology or something…”

“Yes, well sort of. When I learned I was going to be a dad, I wanted to know everything. What I didn’t ask my own, who I think is the best, I read up on in books and yes I did take a few classes.”

I didn’t know what to say as we each held one of her arms and let her swing over the water. “It’s the way I am with everything. Even when I make love to you for the first time, I’m going to take my time and learn your body, learn your likes and dislikes. It’s the only way to make you cum.”

Sweet heaven I almost dropped his daughter in the water. How does he talk like that? How does he know just what to say to keep me off kilter? I was beginning to think I’d bitten off more than I could chew.

That maybe this intensity might not be what I needed for my first foray into casual sex. It was casual wasn’t it? I mean after the two months are up we’d be going our separate ways. But how can I walk away now? His intensity is one of the things keeping me on the edge.

We both stayed with Lily for a little while until he excused himself after giving me strict instructions on how to watch her near the water. For some reason it was at that moment that I remembered him telling the cops that he had eyes and ears all over his home.

I started back tracking in my head trying to remember if I’d done anything embarrassing in the few days I was there. I couldn’t recall so much as scratching my butt so that was fine, but I wondered if the beach house was the same.

By the time Lily started to droop I was back to being a bundle of nerves. He was nowhere in sight when I took her back to the house and laid her in bed before wiping her down while she slept. I took a shower in the bathroom attached to my room and felt relieved and refreshed.

Then I stepped out of the shower with the bath sheet wrapped around me but held firmly at the top to keep my breasts from exploding all over the place, and he was waiting for me.

My last thought when he stood from the bed and walked towards me, was, ‘I wonder how long it’s going to take for my knees to stop shaking every time I see him.’

He held me captive with his eyes as he got closer and I didn’t remember to breathe, so that when he reached out and touched my cheek softly, all the air exhaled at once.

He smiled and lowered his head brushing his lips across mine once, twice, a little nibble that I felt in my toes, and then the grand finale. He took my lips with more force than before.

This was no teasing lead-up but the real deal. I felt his hand between us taking the towel from between my now slack fingers and letting it drop to the floor at our feet.

I didn’t have time to be embarrassed about being naked in front of a man for the first time because he didn’t even look down at my body, just moved in closer and wrapped his arms around me.

I wonder what the rate is for heart attacks among eighteen-year old virgins? Mine was beating itself to death and I just know that can’t be good. But his arms, those strong strapping arms with the cord of muscles that I could feel against my back.

And the hand that fisted in my hair while the other rested on my ass. And through his shorts I could feel him, all of him and I felt something seep out from my private place and onto my inner thigh.

He kissed me harder, drew me in tighter and I swear he was sniffing the air when he lifted his head. “Fuck you smell good. Are you wet again?” He didn’t wait for me to answer but pushed his hand between my thighs and saw for himself.

My eyes crossed when he rubbed my pussy with the flat of his hand. Then I almost died when he licked my juices off his palm. He looked into my eyes as he did it and I knew I’d do whatever he asked as long as he kept making me feel like this.

“I want to taste you now. I came in here for a little sampler since I missed you these last couple of hours. I didn’t know you were going to light me up like this. You’re a very dangerous woman aren’t you beauty?”

He led ‘beauty’ to the bed. Damn right that’s my new name. And just for that I’ve decided that I’m keeping him. I don’t know, and don’t care what I have to do to do it, I’m gonna find out.

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