Any man who can make me feel this way and call me beautiful has got to be either a consummate actor, which he’s not, or he really likes what he sees. The fact that he’s not a chubby chaser freak or a money hungry scrub only makes this all the more exciting.

I let him push me back on the bed while in my mind I plotted. Then I remembered his earlier edict and cleared my mind, concentrating only on what he was doing to me, what he was making me feel.

Now that he had me naked on the bed, he seemed to have decided to take his time. Instead of falling on me like a starving wild beast the way I expected, he just stood at the edge of the bed, looking down at my body with his hands resting gently on my ankles.

“Are you feeling shy still? Your whole body is one big blush.” I didn’t have to answer since I got even redder at his words. “We’ll work on that now. Spread your legs fro me.”

I almost pleaded not to, but the look in his eyes when they met mine didn’t look like this was up for discussion. I died ten times as I opened my legs. What is he seeing? Am I grotesque?

I’ve never really looked at myself down there. I just know how to keep myself clean and free of infections by wearing the right clothes. And though I am obsessed with pretty panties, I’m not big on spending too much time on my vagina.

He on the other hand took his time and looked, touched, smelled. He kept talking while he ran his finger through the juices that had escaped my body. Just a regular conversation like he wasn’t inspecting my hoo-ha like a gynecologist.

“Do you like when I touch you here like this?” I almost bounded off the bed when he touched the sensitive tip of my clit with just the pad of his finger. It sent electricity running through me.

“I see that you do. When I’m displeased about something, this is the spot that I will avoid because I know you want it. I know that you won’t need my cock to get off if I touch you here like this. So if you piss me off, I won’t touch you here.”

I was mesmerized by his speech and the ease with which he said the words. We could’ve been discussing the migration patterns of the swallow for all the intonation in his voice. There was none, just matter of fact and to the point.

“I’m going to lift your legs in the air and look at your pussy. While I’m down here I’m going to check the tightness of your ass.” My butt clenched at his words.

I know about anal sex, have heard it mentioned before, I don’t live under a rock after all. But I never imagined that I would ever in this life do that nasty shit.

And then he touched me there. Now I have a pretty good idea what my ass looks like, I’ve seen it naked enough times. It’s wide with a little meat that makes it stick out in my clothes.

That’s why I favor drawstring Capris and sweats, because they showcase the shape and tightness of my ass. Please let this be a good angle. And how am I not dying from mortification with my legs up in the air like a hussy, and his hands and eyes on my wide ass?


I wasn’t too putout because my ass is one of my finest features. Now that some people had made fat asses a thing anyway. Before that you’d have thought I needed to be quarantined the way people acted.

But these days I get more than a few comments about my ass. Since then I’ve been checking it out in the mirror to see if I see what they see. It must be a male thing I guess.

There’s no cellulite as yet, but I know it’s in my future, and I could cry. But for now, it’s not exactly round and it’s not flat. Though most of the meat tends to be around the lower half leaving a nice dip between my spine and my butt crack and I mustn’t forget the two dimples right on top of my ass at the end of my lower back.

The skin is smooth and tight and since I’d gotten a little sun in the last few days at his poolside, I know it’s a nice little honey gold color or close.

But I went through all that for my own benefit, thinking of what my ass might look like to him, but he seemed more interested in the puckered little hole that I knew was bright pink.

“How is your ass so pretty? I can’t wait to dirty you up with my cock. I’m going to have you here.” On the ‘here’, he pressed a finger into my ass and I wanted to die.