He sucked my clit into his mouth while driving his fingers into me and I saw stars burst behind my closed lids. I screamed for him to stop one second and immediately on the heels of that threatened to kill him if he did. I don’t know what happened to me then, where all that wildness came from.

I had the fleeting thought that there was no way he could breathe with my legs trapping him like that and his face buried in my crotch, but I’ll resuscitate him later. No way did I want this feeling to end.

I grabbed his head hard enough to pull every strand of hair out at the roots and pushed my body up harder against his mouth and that tongue, that wicked-wicked tongue. He’s going to get his ass smothered for sure.

He didn’t seem to mind as he licked me and fingered me at the same time. The sounds he made as he ate me made me feel like the sexiest woman on the planet and I had a fleeting thought of his ex-wife. Had she really given this up for a cult? What the hell is she on?

I never thought to have this, and certainly not with someone that looked like him. I never imagined that I could feel this good, that anything ever could. Too many thoughts and emotions converged on me at once and I felt myself flying out of control.

My legs shook and trembled in the air and my toes curled and bent back on themselves as the sweetest tingles ran from my tummy down to where his mouth was latched onto me and back up to my nipples.

My skin was on fire and I could hardly breathe as my senses were bombarded with all these new sensations. I got caught up in some kind of frenzy when I felt another massive orgasm build and then my world exploded.



“Are you okay?”

“Huh?” I looked around the room and down at myself. I was naked beneath the sheet that was barely hanging onto my breasts and so was the chest beneath my cheek.

I was in bed in the beach house and he was holding me in his arms as he sat up in bed. I got the feeling that there was something I was supposed to remember but couldn’t. My mind was fuzzy, but my body felt more relaxed than it ever has, so I don’t think I’m sick.

“What happened?” I couldn’t remember anything past coming out of the shower. He cupped my face with his warm hand and it all came flooding back. “You fainted.” He ran his fingers through my hair and kissed the top of my head.

I remember now. That feeling like I was being caught in a tsunami, like crashing waves coming over me, and it was all because of what he’d done to me with his tongue. I guess he wasn’t playing when he said he was going to learn my body.

“What did you touch?”

“I tongue fucked your hymen.” Even hearing him say the words with that voice and in that tone made my body shiver. “You were amazing.” He hugged me tighter and I felt all warm and gooey inside.

“I now know that I’m going to have to eat your pussy at least an hour before I get my fill of your sweet juice, that your ass hole is ultra sensitive, and that your tight little pussy is going to take a while to get used to my thirteen and a half inch cock. And before you ask, I plan to make it all fit inside you no matter what.”

I squeezed my legs tightly together and became hyper aware of his nakedness next to mine. Well I was completely nude but he had put back on his shorts. I guess that was in case Lily woke up while her babysitter was passed out on the bed and he had to go to her.

My hands itched to feel him and just like before, as if reading my mind he lifted my hand and led it to his hardness.

‘Touch my cock. Get used to the feel of him and imagine all of him inside you. Before the day comes to an end I’m going to fuck you.” Gulp!

“I’ll try to go slow but I already know that’s not going to last for very long. I’ll take care taking your cherry, but once I get inside you, if you react as strongly as you just did while having my cock inside you, I know I’m going to end up doing you hard and rough.”

He’s trying to kill me with his words. He maybe studied something somewhere that taught him just how to break down a woman’s barriers. “But not to worry, I’ll take care of you when I’m done.”

His words filled me with equal parts fear and pleasure as I stroked his cock beneath my hand. I wanted all of what he was offering, but I have that fear of pain thing. “Will it hurt?”

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