I want her thick ass bred. I want to see those breasts hanging over a round belly and those thick thighs beneath, still opening to take my cock even though she’s already big with my child.

I’d seen all this when I stepped back after kissing her and took a real good look at her body for the first time. And her skin, there wasn’t a blemish or mark anywhere to mar her perfect skin.

She was just one thick mass of beauty and that ass, those tits and her sweet gash between those luscious thighs…. When I laid her on the bed I was only going to introduce her to a little oral. Just enough for both of us to stay primed until later.

How was I to know that her pussy tasted like nectar? Or that I’d become addicted to her taste that quick? And when she fainted almost scaring me half to death, I understood the depth of her passion.

And now she’s doing it again. Tempting me to fuck her before the time. I softened the kiss and eased my dripping cock away from her soft body. “We have to stop or I’ll end up fucking you and hurting you with no time to take care of you. Later.”

I turned off the water and stepped out taking her hand to help her out of the shower. I dried her off and wrapped the towel around her before giving her one last kiss and leaving the room.

I was tempted to go into my own bathroom and rub one out but the thought held no appeal. I wanted to save it all for her. I hope like hell I can make it until tonight. Then again the waiting might just make it all the sweeter.

So I got dressed in a new pair of shorts since the others were soiled with precum and maybe a little pussy juice as well. I gave her some time to get dressed and get herself together before leaving the room again.

By the time I returned she was feeding Lily her afternoon snack and when she looked up at me I couldn’t see where there was any shyness in her eyes or on her face. She just looked beautiful, more beautiful than the first time I noticed her.

It was sweet having to keep myself in check with my daughter in the room. Cute when I held her hand under mine on the table, and even cuter when I stole a kiss over my daughter’s head.

I found that I liked the restriction a little bit, and I liked teasing her even more. “Go remove your panties. You don’t need them under your dress when we’re at home.”

I licked her neck and squeezed her ass before releasing her. “Go ahead, I’ve got her.” I watched her leave the room on unsteady legs and had to take a few deep breaths before tending to my daughter.

When she came back with that naughty little shy smile on her face I was already regretting my decision. Now I know the pussy’s bare for the taking. That all I have to do is lift up the hem of her short dress and…. Fuck!

The rest of the afternoon was sheer torture. It got so bad I had to go hold up in my office so that I didn’t keep seeing her. The want was so bad that I barely touched my dinner and for the first time that I could remember rushed through my daughter’s bedtime story.

I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy and excited to see her fall asleep as I was that night. No sooner had I pulled her door closed than I was heading down the hall to Brielle’s room.

She was sitting on the bed still in her dress just looking out the glass doors at the ocean below. She looked up when she saw me and I knew she was back to being afraid.

Crossing the floor, I took her hand and without a word, led her from the room and down the hallway to my bedroom. Her hand trembled in mine and I wished there was something I could say to help alleviate her fears, but there were none. The only thing that will do is showing her.

I adjusted the monitor to listen out for Lily and made sure that I could hear her if she woke up. But I was hoping my little angel would take pity on her old man and stay down for the night.

I stopped next to the big king size bed with her hand still held firmly in mine and turned her to face me. No words were spoken when I used my fingers to ease the thin straps of the light yellow dress she’d changed into off her shoulders.

“I like you in dresses, like that I can just run my hands up your thighs to your pussy. Only wear dresses while you’re here. If you don’t have enough we’ll head into town later in the week and get you some new things.”

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