I thought for sure my first year of college would’ve been different from high school, but no such luck. And as many stories as I’d heard in those hallways about girls losing their virginity in the backseat of cars to boys who were only using them to score points in some stupid game, that was more than enough for me to keep my legs closed.

But now, someone like Brandon Dash I could see me doing all manner of things with. It was safe to fantasize about him because that’s all it would ever be so my mind has been taking liberties. If the poor man only knew.

It wasn’t entirely my fault anyway, there was something rather appealing about him that I dare any red blooded female to ignore. It’s this way he has of doing things, of moving, and talking, breathing. Oh hell, it’s just him.

Like today for instance. He’d come home early from work and found Lily and I in the backyard enjoying the pool after he’d changed out of his work suit. It looked like he’d planned on heading down to the gym the way he was dressed but changed his mind after seeing us.

I started blushing immediately of course, but Lily went nuts when she saw her daddy. She clapped her little hands with glee and chortled, lifting her arms to be picked up.

He bent down by the kiddie pool, which turns into a Jacuzzi that leads into the big pool, and lifted her out of the water. She put her head on his shoulder and he hugged her with this look on his face that made my toes curl. He genuinely loves his little girl.

How have you two been today?” His eyes turned to me as he asked before putting her back down in the water. “Da-da, come.” She invited him into the water with her.

“You want daddy to join you?” He pulled his shirt off over his head, before stepping into the water leading me to swallow my tongue. I shifted a little in my place on the lip of the pool on the adult side where I’d been sitting keeping watch.

“How has she been?”

“She’s fine, we’ve been to the park earlier then she had her afternoon nap and now we’re enjoying the pool before dinner and bath time.”

Dinner for the three year old was at around five in the evening, no later than six. She went down at seven each evening, which leaves me the whole night to myself. Something I’m looking forward to at the beach.

“Why don’t you get a few laps in, relax, I’ll watch Lily.”

“Are you sure?” I was already sliding into the water. Was he checking out my ass? Get real Brielle.

It didn’t seem possible but I’m pretty sure his eyes had flicked to my ass. And he didn’t look away when I caught him either. Still, it can’t be. But the confusion didn’t stop there. It only amped up when he joined me in the pool and placed Lily on the huge swan chair to keep her safe.

“I’ve been teaching her to swim, but since she’s had a full day I won’t trouble her now. Right Lily.” She just laughed and clapped her hands again, excited to see her daddy so early in the evening.


We stayed in the pool for a while talking, and I don’t know who started the splash war. All I know is that he grabbed Lily under one arm while splashing me with the other and I had to be careful not to splash him too hard because she was in his arms, though she was having a blast helping him try to drown me.

We were all laughing uproariously and it was in the middle of that laughter that I felt a ‘vibe’. I still don’t have a name for it yet, but there was definitely something.

I stopped laughing when I realized that he had too, and was just staring at me. “You look amazing when you smile and your laugh…it reminds me of sitting in a smoked filled room with a glass of the best bourbon.”

I didn’t know what the hell to say to that, I was speechless. But the way he looked at me, I knew something had changed. I’ve never felt that level of excitement in my life. It was intense. Then suddenly he looked up towards the house and his whole demeanor changed.

“Let’s get her out of the water. If she gets too tired she’d be too miserable to sleep well tonight. And daddy wants his little princess to sleep so she’ll be well rested for her trip tomorrow right.” He dipped her making her giggle and cling onto him.

We left the pool and Lily and I went to her room to get her cleaned up and ready for dinner which she all but nodded over. He’d disappeared downstairs in the home gym and I hadn’t seen the ex since earlier in the day.

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