I pulled back same as before but when I slammed forward this time I didn’t stop until I felt her hymen give way and my cock was balls deep in her tight fat cunt.

I was barely in time to cover her mouth and prevent the screams from escaping. I knew for sure that would’ve woken Lily. Her pussy pulsed and wept as it adjusted to being impaled.

“Ssh, shh, it’s over now, just relax for me and breathe slow.” Her body was tense, braced as if expecting a blow. I held still even though my cock wasn’t having that shit, but I’d already hurt her more than I wanted to.

I kissed all over her face and ears, down to her lips. “Give me your tongue.” I sucked her tongue into my mouth and eased my cock back a little. When she didn’t wince or complain I eased it back in again. I kept poking at her with my cock going in little by little until her body got over the shock and started to respond.

I’d grabbed her to me when she screamed so now she was holding all my weight with my arms wrapped around her tight and her legs holding me captive. She wanted to taste my tongue so I switched and let her have it, while taking her thighs in my hands and spreading them.

“I’m going to do you nice and slow this time. I want you to feel everything I do to you. If something feels better than something else, I want you to remember. Later you’re going to tell me what you like.”

She nodded her head against my chest but I knew she probably didn’t hear a word I said. I listened to the sounds she made as I slow fucked her. She grunts when she wants more cock, that’s fitting. She moans when I’m hitting it just right, and she screeches when I fuck around with her womb.

Her womb, not yet. I know that shit’s gonna hurt. So I left off battering her cervix with my sledgehammer of a cock and concentrated on making her pussy feel good enough to cum for now.

Her pussy had a tight grip on the whole length of my cock and I was amazed that a cunt with lips as fat as hers were could be as small inside; small and hot as fuck.

Our mouths were fused together and I pushed my hands beneath her to grab her ass so I could fuck into her with ease. The new position tilted her cunt up at the right angle and my cock just bored down into her like a drill.

Her pussy leaked like a faucet each time I stroked in and it wasn’t long before the room was filled with the sound of wet pussy getting fucked. I hit her spot and regenerated her, or so it seemed.

She grabbed my ass hard, and pulled me into her cunt while throwing her head back with her mouth open with no sound. “More? You want more? Tell me!”

At the back of my mind I knew that I shouldn’t that I should just stick to the slow pace I’d set. But she was the one begging without words for me to fuck. “Tell me or I won’t do it.”

“Fuck me please, harder.” She went nuts, her ass moving faster and faster in my hands as I felt something build around my cock. Her tits bounced beneath my chin as her body picked up speed and tempo. It felt like she was dancing beneath me, and my cock felt every move, every gyration. I kept pumping her with my cock until she bucked and growled as her body lifted off the bed.

I slammed her back down hard with one hard thrust and felt her pussy tighten like a vise grip from tip to base around my cock. Her tight little tunnel had swallowed my whole length with barely a little bit of room to spare inside her, and that’s where her womb was.

The way she was tugging at me there was nowhere left to go but there and I was tempted, so tempted. But at the last minute I didn’t, for two reasons. One if I womb fuck her now she might not be able to take me for the rest of the night and two, we hadn’t had the talk.

As much as I want to breed her every time I look at her, it wouldn’t be fair to her to take that decision out of her hand. So I ignored her silent pleas to fuck into her deeper and just swallowed her tongue to distract her as my cock fucked into her belly deep.

I’ve never known a pussy to juice that much or to suck at my cock with such strength. She has amazing muscle control. But that shit was gonna fuck around and get her ass bred for sure.

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