“I’m Dylan, I came from the mainland to see the man himself.” He didn’t release my hand right away and I started to get uncomfortable. And then we heard Brandon calling out for him to come up to the house. The look he gave me when I looked up at him was a bit baffling.

I stayed down on the sand and was still there a little while later when Dylan came out to flirt and say goodbye before getting back on the boat to leave.

He waved and I waved back with a smile before turning to see Brandon just standing there watching me. He started walking slowly towards me but there was something off about the way he moved.

I thought something was wrong when I saw the look on his face. I was about to ask if something had happened to Lily, when he reached me and grabbed me by the throat. Oh shit, what the hell?


I’d been watching her from the balcony because I knew something was bothering her. She’d been moping around the house all day and I was waiting for her to come to me with whatever was bothering her.

Then she got all excited when she saw him and she gave him my smile. I was pissed as fuck but had to wait for him to leave before I could go take care of her ass. And then she did that shit again when he was leaving.

“Did you enjoy flirting with him?” Her eyes went wide with fright and I wanted to shake the shit out of her.

“What? Who?”

“Don’t play stupid with me come here.” I pulled her into me with the hand I had wrapped tightly around her throat.

“You don’t fucking smile at another man like that, and especially not the fuck in front of me.” Her eyes widened even more and I could see that she genuinely didn’t realize what she’d done.

That might save her from an ass whipping but it won’t save her pussy from my cock. I dropped her neck and grabbed her hand, dragging her along behind me.

My daughter was finally over whatever was making her sick but she was still tired from the island sun so I knew she’d be down for a while. Just enough time to teach this one a lesson.

I dragged her upstairs to my room and locked the door. “Get out of those shorts and don’t wear those shits outside this house again.” she didn’t know if to obey or make a run for it. I helped her out.

I walked over and ripped her top off before tugging her shorts off down her thighs. She covered her pussy for some reason and that only made me tear the pretty silver and pink panties in half and toss them to the floor.

Her nipples were hard, belying the fear I saw in her eyes. My hand went for her throat again and I took her mouth in a punishing kiss, hard enough to bruise her lips. That hand around her throat kept getting tighter and my cock grew harder.

I pushed her back and down on the bed before coming down on top of her. I didn’t give her my mouth, didn’t use my fingers to get her pussy ready. This was a punishment, she didn’t need to enjoy this shit.

I pulled my cock out from my shorts, not even giving her the decency of getting undressed. I felt around with my cockhead for the entrance to her pussy and pushed my cock into her once I found it. I seriously thought of the best way to punish her with my cock to appease my anger. And more to remind her that she’s mine.

I lifted her thick thighs by their ankles and pushed them back together over her head. Her pussy was just a slit, a hole to fuck. She groaned in pain when my pipe dipped into her pussy-well from this angle.

I kept pile driving my cock into her cunt knowing I was hurting her tight little pussy. I closed my ears to her pitiful sobs and just fucked the shit out of her. I’ve never been that rough with a woman in my bed before. There was shit I needed to say to her but I was too damn mad to talk.

The first time we met she was shy and kept hiding her face, now she’s smiling and flirting with that fuck that she didn’t even know. I got lost in my head and fucked into her harder than before.

Her body shook and I slapped my hand over her mouth to catch the scream. With my face buried in her neck and both her legs over my right shoulder I kept punish fucking her but my anger only grew.

Her screams were muffled and it had taken her pussy less than a minute to get wet, but she still wasn’t fucking back at me like she’s used to doing. She was still not sure what I was about to do to her and that was fine.

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