“What did he say to you?” I lifted my head so I could see into her eyes when she answered.

“Hi, he just said hi…and you must be the new babysitter.” I fucked into her again while holding her eyes with mine.

“What else?” She shook her head and I lowered mine and bit her nipple hard. “Nothing, he didn’t say anything else other than bye.”

“If you see him again you don’t fucking talk to him without me there.”

I fucked into her harder. “Fuck me back damn you.” I shifted my body with my cock still in her and dropped her legs on either side of my hips before lowering my chest to hers.

I used my cock like a jackhammer and plowed into her cunt knocking against her cervix but not going in. On my last stroke I slammed past her cervix and hit her womb hard, firing off my cock inside her.

I pulled out of her womb when it felt like I was done cumming, but her pussy’s tight squeeze soon had my balls erupting again. I fucked my cock into her punishingly hard and rough even as my balls kept filling and emptying inside her.

I was trying to fuck my anger out in her pussy. Wanted to wipe the vision of her smiling so sweetly at another man out of my head. I wanted to choke the shit out of her for making me feel this way.

I pulled back and looked down at her when I realized that my anger was actually jealousy. I’ve never been jealous a day in my life and the strength of the emotion scared the shit out of me. I haven’t locked her in yet. And the way she’s been acting the past few days it seems like she’s having regrets.

Fuck that. She’s not fucking allowed. What’s there to regret? Someone who practically loved her on sight? Someone whose every thought since taking her virginity has been has been of nothing but her?

My thoughts were of no help to me, they only made me feel more out of control. As a strategist, someone who’s lauded in his inner circle as the one with the clearest head, none of this shit made sense.

And I realized as I was fucking her, as the sweet grip of her cunt owned me, that the reason it scared me is because always before I never allowed myself to feel.

None of the others had ever made it past my barriers. But she had, and I’m not so dense as to think it was just her body that had done it. It was her, all of her. She’d tied me up in knots and then had the nerve to smile at another man.

I still owed her, there was still a debt to be paid and a lesson to be learned. Her pussy was having too much fun for this to be counted as any kind of punishment though, no matter how much pain she was in, in the beginning.

“I’m going to fuck your ass!” I said that shit like a threat before I pulled out not caring if it hurt her or not and reached over to the night table to get some lube. I didn’t say shit to her when I grabbed the pillow and shoved in under her ass.

Then I pushed her legs up and squeezed the lube in her ass crack leaving a healthy dose inside her before greasing up my cock which hadn’t yet gone down.

I tossed the lube and took my cock in hand, leading into her tight asshole. It was a tight fit as was to be expected but I didn’t expect the sight it would make as my cock slid easily into her ass.

I kept my eyes trained on where our bodies met amazed that her tight little asshole could take my whole length without tearing. It would be no hardship to ass fuck her if her pussy’s out of commission.

Her ass was tight and smooth and my cock got harder inside her, now I wanted back in her pussy. I always want in her pussy, even when I’m fucking her it’s not enough.

“What the fuck did you do to me?” I wrapped my hand around her throat and squeezed as I fucked her ass harder, faster; deeper. I looked down at her fat clit like a beacon, taunting me as it peeped out of its hood, and took it between my fingers and squeezed.

I looked up just in time to see her big brown eyes blink up at me like she was coming out of a daze. I pounded her ass getting close to orgasm myself. She made a whole new sound when I fucked into her ass and tugged on her clit.

I loved hearing that shit, loved that I was the one giving her so much pleasure. Loved that I could tame her young inexperienced body to take me anyway I wanted.

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