But still that jealous anger hummed beneath the surface and I found myself shaking her by her neck after all as I pounded my cock home. “You’re mine.” Her eyes stayed on mine as I repeated the sentiment again and again.

And then suddenly they rolled back in her head, her whole body got tense and lifted off the bed lifting me on top of her before I brought her back down.

Then her mouth opened and she screamed. This one I hadn’t heard before but I knew it had to be good because her pussy gushed more juice than ever before and covered my hand. I never stopped squeezing her clit or fucking her ass hard.

Then another surprise, something new, she couldn’t bear for me to touch her, her skin was just too sensitive. She kept jerking and shaking and her ass was continuously clenching and releasing around my cock.

I didn’t even cover her screams, just watched her in wonder as her body turned red and she gasped for air. Look at this shit! I’m supposed to be punishing her and she’s having the biggest orgasm of her life. That might mean trouble for my ass.

I had to bring her down gently, slowly, with soft gentle touches and whispers in her ear. Only then did she seem to calm down, but I was still pissed.


I dragged her into the shower to get cleaned up afterwards and then it was time to go see about Lily who should be getting up any second now.

I didn’t give her a break, but knowing her ass and pussy had to be hurting, left her to tend to Lily on her while I went for a run on the beach.

I’d never lost control like that since I was a teenager. The man I am cannot afford to lose his cool like that or shit would happen. So how was this young girl able to bring that out in me?

I pounded the sand beneath my feet as I ran flat out trying to outrun my thoughts. My reaction to her flirting and the strength of my jealousy scares me. She’s so young…

There was too much shit on my mind. A lot I have to work out. Like the fact that I’ve been cumming in her unprotected pussy for a whole week. I didn’t say anything and neither did she.

Now I wonder if she realizes that that two-day mark she gave me was long gone. I’m not too worried though. If she’s pregnant already good, even though it may cause a stir with her old man. And if she isn’t I’m going to breed her soon anyway.

One thing I’m not unsure about is my obsession with that shit. The more I fuck her, the more I want to breed her. And what’s supposed to happen after that shit? For me that means marriage.

So as far as I’m concerned there’s no longer any question of her staying. I’ll use whatever it takes to make that a reality. But her behavior the last few days have me worried.

I don’t know if I have it in me to force her if she’s not willing. I thought she was, was sure of it. But now…. I can’t go through another one of those fucked up relationships where we’re cold to each other.

I ran until I became winded and the house was a good distance away before turning to head back. The run made me winded but I was still no closer to the answers. She was sitting in the den with the baby next to her watching some kid’s show.

I was sweaty and mad, but when she looked at me with uncertainty in her eyes as I stood in the doorway watching her, I softened. I walked over and lifted her chin while lowering my lips to hers.

“Da-da what’re you doing?” My nosy daughter asked before popping her thumb back into her mouth. She didn’t look overly traumatized by what she’d just seen so I leaned over and blew a raspberry on her cheek.

“I’m kissing my woman.” I saw the secret smile on Brielle’s face and the flush of pleasure and wondered about the change. Lily distracted me with a thousand questions about what it meant that Brielle was my woman and I answered each one to her little heart’s content.

I ran my hand over Brielle’s hair before leaving the room and heading upstairs to the shower.


His woman, he’d called me his woman and to his daughter no less. Granted she was too young to understand though he tried his best to explain, but it meant something didn’t it? Oh how I wish I could call Cindy.

She’d know the signs, be able to tell me what to do. I’ve been confused these past few days, because all I know about relationships is what I’ve seen on T.V.

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