I thought for sure the bitch would come for me. I’m one step ahead of her there, have myself well insulated in fact. But she went around me to get to her. She’d signed her own fucking death warrant with that one.

I may have left her alone for our daughter’s sake in the past, but she went too far this time. She’s banking on me taking it easy on her as I always have for Lily’s sake.

But she can have no idea of what I feel for Brielle. That when it comes down to it, there’s no fucking contest, she’ll lose every time.

I’m not going to shed her blood literally, she is Lily’s flesh after all. But I will make it so that she never gets the chance to harm any one of us again.

I looked down at her sleeping head and was once again amazed at the scope and depth of my affection. That it had only taken a few days for me to feel this for someone who was a complete stranger not that long ago.

I hated that I’d dragged her into the middle of my family squabbles. She hadn’t said anything but I know her dad’s a respected judge and something like this would put her in a tight spot. I’ve already had my lawyer send get in contact with him and his wife in Bermuda where his yacht is currently docked.

I’d played around with the idea of taking care of it myself and leaving her parents out of it, but in the end I decided that if it were Lily I’d want to know. So though I still have all plans on taking care of it, I thought he should at least know.

Besides, I was already planning to make an end run around him. There’s only one thing to do feeling the way I do about her. It doesn’t matter that we’d only just met, or that others may not understand. Her and I were the only ones that mattered.

Her weight on my chest felt right, like she belonged there. As to us not knowing each other long enough I know all I need to know and what I know is I want to keep her. And that I’m not about to have a long drawn out debate over the matter. Her ass will catch up. Plus I think marrying her soon will be a way to keep her safe.

Both my girls were still asleep when we landed at two in the morning. We had one more stop before we went to the house but I needed her awake for this.

I hadn’t told her what I’d done before we left the island. Maybe I was too ashamed of my scheming behavior. I’m about to pull a fast one on her, but it’s the best I can come up with to get what I want.

She picked her head up off my shoulder when the car came to a stop and looked around. “Where are we?” She wiped the sleep from her eyes.

“A friend of mine is a justice of the peace. We can do the whole ceremony later but right now this is the fastest way.”


“This is the best way for me to protect you. As my wife you have more protection than as just a plain old babysitter or even as the daughter of a judge.” I talked fast, using the fact that she was half asleep against her. We were married half an hour later.


He’s crazy, and impulsive and dominating and so masterfully sexy. And I’m toast once my parents return. Why didn’t I stop this?

Why did I pretend to let myself get talked into getting married less than two weeks after we started whatever it is that we’ve started?

I know that story about marrying me is the best way to protect me is bunk. I’m a judge’s daughter after all. But I let him think he was talking me into it when all the while I was jumping for joy inside.

He hustled us back to the house in the back of the chauffeur driven car. And with each mile reality kept knocking. I fought hard to hold onto my elation and not let worry overtake me.

“Stay here while I look around inside.” He stepped out of the car and two men came out of the dark to meet him. The three of them walked into the house together while two more shadowy figures walked around the perimeter of the house.

I kept my hand on the car seat where Lily was fast asleep and peered into the dark until he came back for us. He helped me out of the car before reaching inside for Lily.

“Don’t be nervous, these guys are my security team. They’ll be standing guard outside the house tonight. I don’t want you to worry about anything okay.”

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