He took Lily to her room then took me the master suite. I stood in the middle of the room not knowing what to do. If I should sit on the bed or stand where I was. I felt uncomfortable.

“Everything in this room has been changed since the divorce. Even the paint on the walls. If it’s still a problem I’ll see about knocking out a wall in one of the other rooms and turning that into the master.” He read me with just one look. It’s things like that, and the way he’d held my hand all the way here in the car that helps quell the doubts in my stomach. Who else will ever know me this well?

“No, it’s okay. As long as you’re here.” He took my face between his hands.

“Where else would I be? Wife!” I can’t believe how much pleasure that word gave me or how pleased he seemed to be saying it.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around me and our lips met. I had to get up on my toes so his cock could hit me just where I needed it most.

It seems no matter what else is going on, as long as I’m close to him like this I can withstand anything. The longer we stood there with his arms around me and his lips at my ear, the less afraid I became.

“Promise me that you’re not worried about anything. No matter what it is, from now on it’s mine to face. Rachel’s only going after you because of me, so it’s mine to deal with okay.” He squeezed me when I didn’t answer fast enough.

“But there’s a warrant…”

“I know, I’ve arranged for you to turn yourself in tomorrow. No don’t panic. By then I’ll be able to prove your innocence. That’s why I need you to get some sleep while I head down to my office and work on something.”

I pouted and he sighed before taking the back of my head in his hand. “Behave baby I have to…” He took one look in my eyes and I don’t know what he saw there, maybe need since I always need him.

But instead of leaving me and heading for the office like he’d said, he walked me backwards to the bed with his lips fused to mine. The back of my knees hit the bed and we stopped.

He pulled my clothes off before laying me back on the bed, then stepped back to disrobe before coming back to me. I opened my arms and legs for him to come in.

I wanted a good hard pounding but he was in the mood for something else. I knew it from the way he touched me, so softly like a whisper of smoke. His fingers travelled over my breasts and circled my nipples.

He laid on his side with his head propped up in his hand and played with my body like it was something new he’d never seen before. There was no rush and none of the intensity that we’d shared on the island.

I was about to get worried when he explained without me having to ask. “I find that now that we’re married I’m no longer afraid that you’ll be taken from me. So I feel safe taking my time, there’s no rush, because I can have you whenever, wherever and no one can stop me. You’re mine.”

I don’t think I breathed since he started talking. I was afraid to, afraid that any sudden moves would dispel the dream. He chose that moment to look into my eyes and I saw the sincerity of his words before he lowered his head and took my lips again.

This kiss was slow and sweet, and combined with his hands and what they were doing to my body, it had an amazing effect on my senses. I found that I liked this slow loving just as much.

I love the reverence with which he touched me. The way it made me feel so desirable when he took his lips away from mine and lowered them to my nipple to suck more gently than he ever had before.

I held his head against my breast as one of his hands trialed down my tummy to my clit and back before going lower to that wet heated place that was dying for his touch.

I opened my legs and grabbed his hand, keeping it there. “Touch me, I want you…” His mouth came back to mine and his fingers found their way inside me. This time instead of plunging he worked them in and out of me while teasing my clit with his thumb.

I was wet and needy with a growing ache that he was gonna have to take care of soon before I went slowly insane. “I love how you move your ass when I have part of me inside you.”

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