He pushed those big long fingers deeper inside me and sucked my tongue into his mouth and I all but begged into his mouth. “Please…” I wanted him in me. I spread my legs and tried pulling him over me but he just kept to his pace.

Then finally he covered me, pressing me into the bed with his weight and I felt him there, at my entrance, seconds before I was full to brimming. We spoke with our bodies and through kisses as we rolled around the bed wrapped tight in each other’s arms.

He was still going slow but as long as he was filling me up I didn’t care, just having him close, having him in me was more than enough.

And when he came I felt it, felt every pulse of his cock, and every last jet of hot cum as it exploded in me. And I loved that he didn’t pull out right away. But rolled onto his side with his cock still buried inside me and his arms still holding me close.


I let her sleep in late the next morning because there were some last minute things to take care of. I wanted to handle things so she wouldn’t be impacted at all. Fuck if I’m gonna put her through this trumped up shit because of Rachel.

Her fight’s with me and no one else. But even if it wasn’t I won’t allow anyone to hurt my wife ever. She doesn’t have to know the power that comes with that title, not even Rachel was allowed the same consideration and she’s the mother of my child.

But no one had ever put her in quite this same position before, where her freedom was at risk. So I’d pulled out all the stops to protect Brielle at great risk. Because I didn’t want her to be afraid, never want to see that look on her face again.

By the time she woke up I’d already taken care of most of what needed doing. All that was needed was for the cops to do their thing.

I’d already seen through the stupid plot and had given them what they’d need to tie things up neatly without too much fuss. I guess the bitch forgot who she was dealing with when she started this shit. Or she thought I’d buy into her bullshit lie because Lily was involved and act rashly.

It was easy to decipher really. I figured since Rachel emphasized in her claim that Lily’s sickness only started right after Brielle started working for me, and that she had evidence, that my daughter may have been poisoned for real. But what’s more there might be something on the surveillance to prove it.

I wasn’t about to touch it and be accused of tampering so the police forensics team had been here early this morning to collect the evidence.

I wanted everything documented right down the middle, because after this I want Rachel completely out of my life. No way I’ll let anyone that toxic anywhere near my daughter.

I’d already taken Lily to the doctor this morning while she slept to have her blood tested. If everything went as smoothly as I expected it should all be tied up by this evening no later than end of day tomorrow.

“Brandon, what is it that you do?”

“I was wondering when you’d get around to that.” “I’m what you call a Closer. I broker billion and multi-billion dollar deals for the world’s top financial houses and between warring countries when needed.”

“Is it dangerous? That sounds dangerous.”

“That’s not something for you to worry about.”

We were sitting in the big window in the family room overlooking the main garden. She’d been pacing all day no matter how much I told her not to worry.

Her parents had called with the news that they were on their way back and she’s been worrying all day about that as well. My telling her that I was going to handle it didn’t seem to help much.

I can’t say that I blame her, she doesn’t exactly know her husband and I’m sure she has a healthy dose of fear when it comes to crossing the stoic conservative judge. Me on the other hand, I have no worries on that score.

“Anything else you want to know?” She didn’t say anything for a while as she played with the fine hair on my arm and gazed off into the garden at two hummingbirds buzzing around each other. She looked at me and away again and I guess she found whatever it was she wanted to ask hard to say. Probably some flowery shit.

“Have you ever been in love?” Typical female. I felt her body get tense and kissed her ear.

“Once…” I felt her body deflate. “with you.” And then she perked right back up again.

She turned in my arms and looked at me in wonder. “Is that the truth or are you just saying that?” How do I keep forgetting how young she is?

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