She grew agitated again as the hours went by with no word. I on the other hand saw that as a good sign. It meant the cops were taking their time and doing their jobs. Not like they had a choice with the team of lawyers I’d sicced on them.

Instead of her turning herself in to the D.A. they’d taken the evidence, and given us one more day. My lawyers had worked hard on that too, not to mention her family’s standing in this community.

“Come sit and eat Brielle.” We’d just put Lily down for the night and she was still pacing. She hadn’t eaten lunch and in fact hadn’t been herself since our lovemaking in the sitting room earlier.

“Why are you so much more nervous now than you were before?” She sat down across from me and picked up her fork to play with it.

“I’m just trying to see the end result of all this. It feels like there’s a lot going on at once…by the way, how did you talk mom and dad out of flying in?”

“I had my lawyer speak with them.”

“Your lawyer? That doesn’t seem…”

“He’s an acquaintance of your dad’s. He’s a very good lawyer.”

The truth is, my private lawyer is indeed a very well known attorney but only in certain circles. No one would or should recognize his name in a public arena, but those who know of him are usually only one of two things.

They’re either sacred shitless if they’re on the wrong side, or very impressed if the other. That’s why I have all confidence that this thing will be taken care of and soon.

“You’re not worrying about your dad and what he’s going to say when he finds out we’re married?”

“A little.” She seemed to give it some thought but I was more interested in the fact that she speared a piece of grilled asparagus and bit into it.

I’m still learning her of course, watching her sometimes when she doesn’t know that I am. I’ve become a high school kid again caught up in all the excitement of a new relationship.

Whenever I start feeling like I’m crossing the line into creepy, like when I watched her sleep the night before, or when I play with her body while she’s half asleep, I just remind myself that she’s mine.

So now because I’ve been watching her these past few days, I know that when she’s worried she can’t eat. Something I’m gonna have to watch out for in the future.

I covered her hand with mine when it hit home just how worried she really was. I guess because in my mind it was easily taken care of, I expected her to feel the same. But she obviously didn’t.

“I asked you not to worry, I guess that was wrong of me. Just know that I won’t let anything happen to you. Can you believe that for me?” She turned her gaze my way. There was so much angst in her look.

“If I thought there was any danger of you being arrested, they wouldn’t have found us on that island.” For some reason that seemed to do the trick and she lost most of the hunted look from her face.

She cut into her steak and took a few bites and I felt my angst ease. The call was taking longer than I expected but I didn’t hear from my team either so that meant things were still good. When there was still no call by bedtime I just took her to bed and held her after fucking her to sleep.


Don’t worry! Why do people who are not in the thick of things always say that? Is it because they can see things clearer since they’re not affected, or because they really don’t know the severity of the situation?

Whatever the answer, I always found that sentiment stupid, like telling someone not to cry at a funeral. But when he told me that he won’t let anyone hurt me, I believed him.

Maybe because I’d seen him throughout the day making calls, pacing his study with the phone glued to his ear as he barked out orders. All having to do with me.

Or because it’s only in his arms that I feel relatively safe anymore. When he wasn’t on the phone and Lily was down or busy with her toys, he’d search me out and either make love to me or hold me on his lap and rock.

I woke the next day feeling a lot less stressed, but still a bit apprehensive. The more I thought of it, as a judge’s daughter I should have more faith in the system. But it’s because I’m a judge’s daughter that I know nothing should be taken for granted.

If Rachel had gone to such lengths to frame me, she must have something she could use. What that something is I don’t have a clue, but I don’t think they would’ve put out a warrant for my arrest if it wasn’t substantial.