“Sleep, I’ll take care of you.” She took me up on my offer as I knew she would and I spent the next half an hour washing her and letting her soak, heating the water once.

When I was sure the bath had done its job I stood and leaned her against my chest to dry her off before wrapping her in my robe and putting her back to bed.

There was a decent size bloodstain on the sheets but I’ll have to change them later, she was beat. For now I placed her on the clean side of the bed and went back to take a shower.

I smiled as I stood under the water. Outside the wind had calmed and the wailing had ceased. I could breathe easy now, at least for the next few days anyway. But there was still a danger that I have to be mindful of.

Back in the bedroom I climbed in beside her and drew her into my arms, feeling at peace finally for the first time since I became a man.

I knew she would be up in a little while and that she’d have many questions, so I closed my eyes and got some rest.

My eyes were barely closed when I sensed the presence outside my door. I cracked my eyes open just enough to see the door creep open. I knew she would come.

I opened my eyes fully and looked at her as she stood there with a look of shock and anger on her face. I could almost feel sorry for her, just another pawn in this game. But my hate for the other ran too deep.

“Leave!” She jumped at my voice and scurried away the way she always does when I reject her. I know she can’t help it, even if she doesn’t understand why.

After tonight I can finally tell her, but I’ll wait on that as well. Until my children are born and safe from danger. Until my woman is out of danger completely, she will have to live in darkness.

As cold as it sounds, I have no care for her and really could care less about her feelings. The only reason I’ve tolerated her presence this long is because I have no idea what part she must play.

I’ve even given serious thought to killing her, and I’m not a violent man. But to protect the ones I love I would do it in a heartbeat.

But because I’m averse to such things as coldblooded murder, I’ve kept her alive and close all this time. But at the first sign of danger, I won’t hesitate to end her life. I pulled Noelle in closer with the silent promise to protect her this time.


My eyes came open not long after I fell asleep. Her soft warmth pressed into my chest calmed me as I remembered the night’s events. I looked down at her sleeping face and felt such love, had I been standing it would’ve brought me to my knees.

The need rose up in me, strong, persistent, overpowering. I rolled, putting her beneath me. The robe was easily stripped away from her body and I took my time and looked my fill.

I know her body as well as my own. Every inch of her has been imprinted on my mind through many generations. It’s what kept me sane this time as I bided my time and fought against fate.

Those lonely nights, knowing that she was out there, waiting. The nights that almost drove me insane.

I’d think of her body and the pleasure it gave me. And knowing that one day soon I’ll have her again was all it took to keep me from rushing things.

The times I touched another I didn’t let myself dwell on the sense of betrayal. That part could not be avoided. Just another of the many things we have to face each time we find each other.

I traced a pattern around her nipple, and around her breast until my fingers found that mole. I played with it, my mind drifting to another time, many other times, when I’d done the same.

My tongue came out to play and I placed my hand over her heart to feel. Her life is so precious to me, the reason I endure this hell time and again instead of putting an end to it all before the cycle begins.

Her heart beat under my hand as I licked my way down her body until I was once again between her thighs. Her scent reached out to me and I eased my fingers inside her slowly, gently.

Even asleep her body responded and I felt her soften before I lowered my head and took her clit between my lips.

I pushed my fingers in and out of her as I sucked on her clit, preparing her body to accept me once more.

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