I leaned over her back until my lips were at her ear. “My turn!” I leaned back and with one hand around her middle and the other clasped tightly in her hair, I let myself go.

Now there was pain in her cries as I beat against her insides with the punishing strokes of my cock. Now she looked back over her shoulder at me with a question formed on her lips that never came.

I pounded into her over and over with my head leaned back, eyes tightly closed and just felt. With her pain came pleasure and soon she was right there with me.

Begging me in a hoarse voice to fuck harder, deeper. “Callan…”

“I know love, cum!” She screamed and rocked back on her hands and knees as a gush of liquid sprung out of her pussy and onto the bed.

It ran down my cock to my balls and I shot off inside her hard enough that she felt it. This time I didn’t pull out of her, but followed her down to the bed, crushing her body into the mattress with my much heavier weight.

My cock was still giving little jerks and twitches as it stayed hard inside her, ready to go again. I moved against her ass now, taking little short jabs into her just to keep us both happy.

It was she who turned her lips in search of mine, she who bit me to get me to move faster. She who laughed when I nipped her and pushed back against me.

That’s the sound I was waiting for. The sound of my sweet girl laughing in my bed. There’s nothing to match her playful joy in bed. And I was already looking forward to our many days and nights together.

I twisted our bodies until we laid on our sides with her back tight against my chest. I lifted her leg, opening her up for my thrusts as my cock went back to full hardness inside her.

“I’ve missed you so much. Missed being inside you. This week of waiting was more torture than the past eighteen years.” Her body tensed and she stopped moving at my words.

I knew her mind was now open, that she’d start to make sense of the things that had flummoxed her since she arrived. I kept whispering to her, teasing her mind with words.

It was always this way. She was always the last to remember. I can be thankful for that I guess. That she didn’t have to live her whole existence worrying.

It’s only in my arms that her memories are unlocked. And as much as I’d like to spare her it was better that she knew, so that she could protect herself from everything that was to come.

I eased out of her and put her on her back before sliding back into her heat so that I could see into her eyes. “Do you remember me now?” The tears in her eyes gave me the answer before she nodded her head and pulled me down to her.

“Callan, my Callan…” I held her precious head tenderly against my shoulder as she cried her little heart out. There were tears in my eyes too as I listened and reassured her.

With my cock buried deep inside I wiped the tears from her eyes as I looked down at her. “Don’t be afraid. I’ve taken care of everything this time around. I promise you that nothing will happen to you or our children.”

“Isabelle, she…” I lowered my lips to her forehead and drew her in closer. “We’ll talk later, I need to cum I inside you again.”

Now that my love was awakened, now that there were no more secrets clouding her mind, I was free to just enjoy this moment together.

Our lips never left each other as our hips came together time and again. Now that my lust had burned hot, since I’d taken her too roughly before, I took my time now and loved her gently.

Her tears never stopped, but I knew they were tears of joy. Joy at being together again like this. Close, as one, our hearts beating in sync. Our whispers were filled with love and adoration.

Her pussy’s grip tightened around my cock letting me know she was cumming again. I fucked her through the storm and barely restrained myself from cumming too soon.

It’s always a struggle, wanting to cum and yet wanting to stay inside of her for as long as possible. She strained against me, her back arching deep, head thrown back as my cock went deeper.

Her mouth opened wide in a silent scream as I lowered my head and sucked her nipple into my mouth. She came long and hard, strangling the life from my cock as her pussy milked me.

I bit her nipple and her legs came up around me as her nails found their place in my back again. I didn’t stop her as I lifted her ass in my hands and fucked into her harder over and over until the loud sound of our bodies meeting rang out in the room.

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