For the next few months our days and nights were nothing but bliss. Everyone kept a watchful eye as she grew round with my children. I knew that with each incarnation Ella and mom try their best to find ways to break the curse.

Both women have such guilt because of what happened that first time, though they were not at fault. I know that after Judy had cursed us the first time, Ella had done everything in her power since then to find ways to combat it.

This time around she was being very secretive with her motives, but I trust her explicitly and so have left her to her own devices. Mom has grown into the habit of coming over every day and Priscilla visits at least twice a week.

The baby’s birthday had come and gone. We had a spectacular party to celebrate. It was then I met Noelle’s parents formally for the first time. Not long after they were informed of our relationship.

They hadn’t been very accepting at first, especially her father. But once they learned about her pregnancy that gradually changed. Now today was our wedding day.

It had taken longer than I wanted, she was just beginning to show. But the women had convinced me that if I wanted to give her the wedding she deserved it would take time. I’d still cut the time they asked for in half.

The wedding was going to be here in the garden with her friends from the city and most of my business associates.

Since I spent most of my existence focused on ways to change our destiny, I never really form any real friendships with anyone. This time I’m hoping that’s something we can both change.

I saw the guests arriving from my place upstairs. The women had taken over the master suite and relegated me to one of the guest rooms to get dressed.

Trudy had been sent to her family for what she thought was a short stay. She had no idea that I’d taken steps to cut her out of our lives. She’d been growing more difficult in the last few months and I was no longer willing to take the risk of having her here.

The family wasn’t too pleased with me, not once they learned that Noelle was going to adopt Isabelle. But there was nothing they could do about my decision.

I’m sure the father was afraid that I would cut them out of her life entirely, which is exactly what I planned on doing. After today they will have no part in my life.

My wedding gift to Noelle is the company I’d helped Judy’s father save. The papers were in the drawer in my room for later. With this move I would’ve completely excised them from our lives, once and for all.

If I have my way it will be as if they never existed. If one day my daughter should ask about the woman who birthed her, I will tell her as little as possible.

It was the first time she’d lived this long and I’m sure as she grows she’ll have questions. I have no doubt that Noelle’s love will be enough that she never misses anyone else. But if the day should come, I’ll be ready.

As the live music started downstairs, I made my way down to the garden where the two hundred or so guests had already gathered. The fall day was bright with clear blue skies, and not too chilly for this time of year.

She’d chosen pinks and blues, the blue that match her beautiful eyes, as her colors. There were ribbons everywhere in her shade of blue and pink roses and peonies had been brought in in abundance to blend in with the rest of the garden and surrounding foliage.

I wasn’t nervous at all as I stood there waiting for her, the day was long overdue. As the bridal march started up I looked towards the end of the path where she would appear.

As she came into view, my beautiful bride, my mind replayed our every meeting from the first until now. I saw her as if in a kaleidoscope of color, all the times I’d found her.

Her hand were shaking when I took it in mine and turned to face the minister. With just a soft squeeze of my hand I calmed her, holding my own breath until the ceremony was over.

When I lifted her veil, the smile on her face, the joy in her eyes, was everything I’d ever wanted for this day. It was the first time in two hundred years that I’d been able to claim her as my wife.

I didn’t know that it would mean as much as it did. That my heart could be this full. It was a testament to the love I bore her. A love that had traversed time and times and never wavered.