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It was morning the next time I opened my eyes but this time unlike the last, she was still asleep. I laid there taking in the feel of her in my arms, ignoring the raging hard on that pushed against the shorts I’d slept in.

I rolled to the side putting her beneath me and kissed her awake. The kiss was soft and sweet and when I pressed my hard cock into her she opened her thighs invitingly, not quite fully awake.

I dry fucked her until I reached the point where I was going to embarrass myself before pulling back. “Good morning.” I placed little nibbling kisses around her lips and was rewarded with the feel of her hands as they moved over my back.

Fuck, I could wake up like this every day for the rest of my life and that would do me.

“You slept here?” Her eyes were clear and bright as she smiled up at me. I thought my heart was going to explode at that smile.

I nodded my answer and lowered my head for one last kiss before climbing out of her bed. “You have dance today right, and then that’s it?” She rolled over and hugged the pillow I’d just left.

“Yes, I have to get up soon.” She sniffed my scent from the pillow before looking back at me with an impish grin. The fuck is going on? I wasn’t exactly wary when I backed out of her room, but it was close.

All morning I tried to get a bead on just what the hell was going on in her head. While she’d been in the shower I’d made a quick call to mom who had no answer as to why the sudden change, and I wasn’t about to ask Anna for fear of things going back to the way they were before.

I decided to just watch her and enjoy the peace for now. My biggest surprise came when she actually brought up using the dance floor at the club for her school as Tony drove her to school that morning.

“If the offer still stands I’d love to use the space, but only if you let me pay you something. With that much space I can take the kids I had to reject before. I can probably offer more classes, I’ll have to rearrange my schedule. It would mean you losing a waitress though.”

She was actually sitting with her body turned to me and her hand held in mine. She was animated and excited as she spoke in a way that I’d never heard before.

“Do you have any ideas about what you want to do with the place?”

“There isn’t much that needs to be done, just the bars added on the wall I think. The floor is already perfect.”

“Just let me know if there’s something you need done and I’d get it done.”

“I wouldn’t want to change too much, it’s your place of business after all. Plus I like an aesthetic space with not too much crap on the walls. My girls are going to be too busy learning to dance to care about such things.”

Tony kept giving me what the fuck looks in the mirror but I had nothing for him. If she’d taken some new medication or some shit I hope it never wore off.

This time when we pulled up she waited for me to let her out and even let me walk her to the door. She didn’t freak when I pulled her in for a kiss and I damn near skipped back to the car.

“Okay, what the fuck happened?” That was my greeting from Tony when I got back inside. “Whatever it is I’m glad.” Travis answered him. “That’s the closest I’ve seen to the old her. What did you do?”

He turned and twirled his eyes at me. “I would love to take credit, but I’m just as lost as you two.” At this point I really didn’t care. I was just happy to see that look on her face.

I’m sure I had mom to thank for part of the change though. Her soft no nonsense attitude seemed to get through to Annabelle better than my gruff approach.

The girl who’d fought me tooth and nail was now very excited about using the club for her school like she didn’t try to bite my head off when I mentioned the same damn thing to her.

For the next few days shit was chaotic. First was getting Travis settled in at mom’s over the weekend, then getting the club ready for her school. I got to see another side to her then. She’s a kickass business woman.

She had a game plan in place already and once she got the ball rolling it was full steam ahead. By the middle of the following week she had more clients for her school and had already told her existing customers about the move which no one seemed to mind.