Page 103 of The Dancer

I sucked hard on the flesh over her nipple and felt her squirm in my lap. Her fingers dragged through my hair holding my head closer as she tried to push her nipple back into my mouth.

“But I’m going to miss you.” I sounded like a whiny bitch no disrespect to whiny bitches. But I was already dreading getting on the plane. We’ve hardly been far away from each these last few days and I’d gotten used to it.

I liked being able to walk one room over and finding her there. Or at the club I could leave the office and head upstairs for a look or a feel. Now I’m going to be away from her for a whole damn week.

“I’ll miss you too, but it’s only for a few days. You’ll be back before you know it.”

“Just promise me you’d call if you need me.”

“Max!” She took my face in her hands and looked into my eyes. “I thought you said I was your strong brave girl.”

“You are.” Damn, she would use my own words against me. I didn’t tell her but there was another reason I didn’t want to leave her behind. My guys had lost Ray Morrison yesterday and no one knows where he went to ground. “Fine, but if you’re staying in the city I’m leaving Tony here with you.”

“What why? I don’t need a babysitter.”

“It’s not up for debate baby.” It hadn’t been that easy talking his ass around either. Until I convinced him that watching over her was the same as him having my back.

Once I got it through his head that I wouldn’t get shit done if I left her here without one of us to protect her he gave in, though not happily.

“But who’s going to take care of you if you leave him here?”

“I have a whole crew to look out for me baby, but he’s the only one I trust with you.”

I circled her nipple with my fingertip as we spoke and watched it pebble and become red. “Take this off.” I tugged at the bottom of her top. She hesitated briefly, her face going red before obeying me. She’s too adorable with her shy self.

I helped her pull it off over her head exposing her perfect tits to my eyes. I cupped one of the round globes in my hand as my face grew tight with need. I lowered my head slowly as I took in her naked flesh for the first time. “You’re perfect.”

I whispered the words just before closing my lips around the morsel and sucking in deep. Since I was leaving her for a few days, that night I planned to turn things up a notch. I needed something to tide me over while she was out of my orbit.

I sucked on her flesh like a starving pup until her ass squirmed on my growing cock and I knew she wasn’t thinking about anything but what I was doing to her. Only then did I get to my feet with her held carefully in my arms and made my way down the hallway.

I had a moment’s hesitation once I reached the head of the hallway. Should I take her to my bed or hers? I stopped outside her door before turning back to mine.

I put her down once inside the room and covered her lips with mine, crushing her chest into mine. I felt the pointed tips of her nipples through my shirt, and stepped back briefly to remove it. I wanted to feel her bare flesh against mine.

“Max…” I responded to the uncertainty in her voice, very attuned to her. “It’s okay baby, trust me.” I left my hands on her waist and went back to her lips, distracting her from her nervousness and the fact that there was a sea of bed behind her.

For the first time I realized just how tiny she really was, how vulnerable. All that she was hit me like a hammer to the head. This was the first time she’d let me get this far and because she was now a part of me, I couldn’t overlook anything.

In my hands I held the future of this sweet young girl whose life had already been fucked with. I knew and understood that she was trusting me, with so much more than just her body.

Fuck everything that came before, this was the moment which the man in me had to be honest with himself. Am I that guy who, knowing all that he does, could take her to my bed and leave her at some point down the road? Or am I the man I’ve always hoped I could be? There was no fucking question.

I took her head in my hands and devoured her lips. I’d jumped the final hurdle in my mind, there would be no turning back after this. Though I wasn’t going to push it to the limit tonight, I wanted to take things farther than ever before.