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“I want to taste you, no don’t tense up, I promise not to go too far.” I whispered in her ear before lifting her in my arms again and moving to the bed.

I laid her gently back on the bed like the precious gem that she is and came down over her making sure not to crush her. I held her eyes with mine as I removed the rest of her clothes. Stopping along the way to taste her exposed flesh as it came into view.

I teased her and myself, dragging my tongue around her nipple before sucking it in deep. I sucked first one to hardness before moving onto the next for more of the same.

I was aware of every change in her as I moved slowly, bringing her along with me every step of the way. Learning what she liked and storing it away for future reference.

Like the way she arched her back when I pressed my cock into her heat while nibbling on her nipples. Or how her tummy trembled when I licked my way down her middle until I reached her Mons.

I inhaled deep, taking the scent of her aroused pussy into my lungs. My cock spat pre-cum in my shorts and I was tempted, very tempted to drag them off for some relief. But a promise is a promise.

She shyly tried closing her legs to keep me out so I had to gently persuade her to let me give her my mouth. “It’s okay trust me, you’re going to enjoy it.” I nipped her inner thigh before going for the prize.

I thought if I fucked around and took too long she might bolt, so I held her down with a hand pressed firmly on her tummy. She has a pretty pussy, smooth pink flesh with plump lips that were tightly closed. Virgin pussy!

The thought ran through my head giving me a jolt. It hadn’t once occurred to me that she could be untouched. But the possibility had all kinds of shit going through my head, all of it good.

I took a really good look at her pussy before sliding a finger along her slit. I tried opening her up, but her pussy hole was shut tight. The fuck! Is this shit for real?

I spread her open as far as I could which wasn’t much. I’m no expert, but something told me nothing had ever been inside her before. I had to clear the frog from my throat twice when I tried asking her.

“Are you a virgin baby?” Her face turned red and she looked away from me until I lowered my head and licked her slit once. “Tell me!”

“Yes!” My heart rolled in my chest and air got trapped in my lungs.

I looked up at her speechlessly from my place between her thighs, before my eyes went back to her tight little cunt in awe and some other emotion too strong for words.

“Really?” I felt like fucking crying, in fact I think my eyes were wet. Instead I buried my face between her thighs and held her hips tightly in my hands as raw emotion overwhelmed me.

I felt like I was flying, and my body trembled slightly as the force of what I felt overcame me. My mini meltdown seemed to give her courage because I felt her hand in my hair as if telling me to get a move on.

My hand actually shook when I touched her. If I wanted her before, the need was now tenfold. I never knew I was the kind of man who’d react so strongly to his woman being a virgin. Didn’t even know it mattered to me.

I eased my finger inside her slowly, gently. I wanted to feel her innocence myself but was afraid to hurt her. The tip of my finger butted against that thin membrane and that quickly everything changed for me.

No one else had ever had her. She was pure, unblemished, and she’s mine. I vowed to myself that in this life she would never know another man’s touch. The rush of possessiveness I felt was new to me but I accepted it.

My mind refused to settle and my heart felt as though it was trying to punch a hole through my chest. I still had a promise to keep so although I wanted to mount her and claim what’s mine, I fought to keep my word.

I played with her pussy, running my fingers over her flesh and down to her tight opening back and forth until she started to move under my hand.

I was hyper aware of everything that was going on around me. My senses were sharper than they were a minute ago as I took her all in. Not just her body that was in bed with me, but all that she was.