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I thought for sure she’d freak when she came down, but instead for some fucked up reason we both started laughing.

We ended up rolling around in the bed, laughing in between some hot as fuck kisses that only got me going again. “Baby we gotta stop.” She did a little wiggle before releasing me from her clutches and I finally saw the damage.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” She looked down at herself for the first time and noticed what I’d done to her.

“You didn’t get any of that inside me did you? Because I’m not on the pill.”

“No I didn’t.” But her words gave me something else to think about as I pulled her up from the bed. That was the first time I ever spilled outside of a condom other than when I was spraying the shower walls after a me time session. Something I hadn’t done in years.

I dragged her into my shower and got us both cleaned up, but my mind was still stuck on the fact that she wasn’t on birth control. I hadn’t even given the shit any thought but now that I did I find that I’m not as averse to the idea as I thought I would be.

Her screech and her body moving away from me jerked me out of my thoughts. “What, what happened, did I get soap in your eyes?” Max you fuck! I’d been daydreaming while washing her.

She pointed at my dick that was still semi hard because hello, naked beauty in front of me, and tried to get through the wall behind her. “What is that?” One of her hands went between her thighs as if protecting herself and I got the message. I tugged on her hand until she stood in front of me.

“Don’t worry, when the time comes I’ll make sure he fits.” She was already shaking her head before I covered her lips with mine. I realized she was really upset when I felt the slight shaking in her body.

“Hey, I’ll never hurt you, you have nothing to worry about.” I held her head in my hands before pulling it into my chest and soothing her with soft light kisses. She leaned against my chest while I finished washing her before taking care of myself.

“Stop looking at it if it scares you.” I was drying her off with a towel and her eyes were glued to my dick. “It’s like something you know you shouldn’t see, but you just can’t look away.”

“You calling my dick an accident?” I snort laughed and swatted her ass with the rolled up towel before running it over myself.

In the bedroom I pulled an old football jersey on over her head and nothing else. My dick was already leaking at the thought of cuddling up to

her fine ass. Maybe she’ll let me eat her again. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of her taste.

She tried leaving the room but I pulled her back. “Where are you going? You’re sleeping here tonight.” I lifted her and took her back to bed.

“Shouldn’t we change the sheets?”


I lost the towel and dropped down between her legs spreading her open with my shoulders. I took my time looking at her this time, teasing her opening with my fingertip before dipping it inside.

I thumbed her clit and fingered her until I felt her pussy tense up just before her juices escaped. Then I lifted her ass in my hands and brought her to my mouth.

I spent an hour just loving her with my tongue, bringing her off time and time again until she gave me what I wanted. Those same hot as fuck noises from before.

I gave serious thought to dry fucking her again but thought better of it. I wasn’t sure I could withstand that shit again. “What about you?” Bless her little heart. “Don’t worry about me, just let me take care of you.”

I ate her until she pushed my head away. Greedy fuck came like five times on my fingers and tongue. I’d used my head this time and stretched her around two of my fingers because I was sure it wasn’t going to be long before I tried to shove my cock in her.

I knelt between her spread thighs and stroked my cock while she caught her breath. Her eyes followed my hand’s action and my brave girl reached out and touched me.

I held still and let her go at her own pace, until that shit became unbearable. She was so fascinated I almost didn’t want to stop her, but if I didn’t she was going to get a face full of cock snot.

“Ease off babe.” I tried pulling out of her hand but she gripped my shit tighter. I almost climbed out of my skin when she stuck her tongue out and licked the pre-cum from my cockhead.