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But once my head hit the pillow something kept me awake. I knew if I was this unhappy, if my arms felt this empty because she wasn’t here, then she must be feeling the same.

I sat up for another hour just watching her and wondering what the hell had happened to me. I get falling in love, I know people have been doing that shit for centuries, but there’s no way they all went through this fuckery.

I can’t eat, can’t concentrate, and now can’t sleep. Not with this much distance between us. In that

hour I pretty much mapped out our future together. There was one recurring theme in my mind, what was best for her.

When I woke up the next morning she was in the kitchen drinking coffee and staring at me through the screen. We studied each other for a few minutes without saying a word.

“You going to share?” I teased as I sat up and stretched. “Give me a few babe.” I rolled out of bed naked and didn’t have to look to know she was blushing. I emptied my bladder which is hard as fuck to do with a hard-on, before getting cleaned up.

I took the iPad with me to the kitchen to get my first cup of coffee and we had our coffee together before we both had to go do our thing for the day.

Day two wasn’t much easier and by the middle of day three I had become one of those men I used to laugh at. No joke, it was as if life had been saving this shit up for me. All the shit I used to think was bullshit I now get.

I had at least another day and a half here to get all the shit done that needed doing, but the shit was killing me. I’d already called her twice for the day, so I decided to call Tony instead for an update.

“It’s your boy.”

“Who do you think I was expecting?”

“Smartass what do you want? My hands are full here. Here, say hello to uncle Max.” I heard a baby in the background and was confused for a second. Where the fuck is he?

“Where’s my woman?”

“You really want to know?”

“What the fuck? What does that mean?”

“Pull up the dance floor on your computer bro.”

“Hold on!” I put him on hold long enough to tap in the few keys that would bring up the security screen and got a shock. I didn’t know what I was looking at-at first it was so unexpected.

“Holy….the fuck.” Instant boner. No wonder she thought she could dance on my stage, that’s not ballet. Where the fuck did she learn to do that?

I watched captivated for the first few seconds as she moved her body in ways I didn’t know my little innocent could. I found my voice once my brain started working again.

“What the hell are they listening to?” I think I drooled a little bit.

“T-Pain and Yung Joc.” It was obvious that it wasn’t her first time dancing to that shit.

That’s some fuck inducing shit right there. I sat back hard and watched as she moved like a fucking dream, her hips keeping time with the music effortlessly. I didn’t know they grew them like that in Ohio.

In my mind I was trying to process this new development. How the fuck had she stayed a virgin this long? Had anyone else seen her dance like that? That jealousy bitch poked her head in and set up shop.

I felt the distance between us very keenly. Like someone was going to snatch her away from me before I got back to the city. The shit that goes through my mind with this girl.

I watched as she appeared to be giving the other woman on the screen lessons. The other woman being Tony’s younger sister Sherrie. But these lessons were nothing like what I’d seen the last few weekends with the kids.

“How did this happen?” I hadn’t had time to introduce her to his sister who was busy with the new baby. Plus the fact that I think that association needs parental supervision because Sherrie knows every hotspot in the city and how the fuck to stay in trouble.

“Whelp, I told Sherrie about the school and one thing led to another. All I did was pass along a number bro. Next thing I knew Sherrie was at your place with the baby. All I heard was ‘I can’t get rid of the baby fat’ and ‘I have just the thing’ and we ended up here.”

“Don’t go back in that room and none of those asshole male managers better not even reach the door.”

“Dude I have no plans on going back in there. I took the kid and ran.” That’s my boy.

I watched for only a few minutes more before the shit became too much. I looked down at the work on my desk and said fuck it, that’s what technology is for. The meetings I had lined up for tomorrow will have to wait.