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I kept easing out and slipping back in again over and over, feeding her just the tip until I felt her hips lift to meet mine hungrily.

“Tell me what you want.” I whispered in her ear. She nuzzled my cheek and rooted around for my mouth with her fingers clutched in my hair, bringing my lips back to hers. My heart melted at the cuteness.

I distracted her with my mouth and eased a hand down between us to put a finger on her clit as I eased more of my cock into her. The shit was torture.

I used my cock to stretch her the best I could until her cunt gave way and accepted me. I hit her hymen with the next stroke and she hissed.

Her pussy tightened around my cock and tried to push me out, but I’d come too far to stop now. If I tried that shit my cock just might revolt and take over. “This might hurt baby, forgive me.”

I took her head between my hands and covered her kiss swollen lips just as the first tear fell. “Shit, don’t do that baby.” I brushed the hair back from her face gently and kissed her wet eyelids, wiping her tears away.

“I’m sorry!” I calmed her with sweet soft kisses around her face.

She made the most pitiful sound and I felt like ten kinds of a bastard, but I wanted her too much to stop. I knew that if I stopped now it would only be harder next time and her fear would only grow.

So with my tongue in her mouth to distract her, I pulled out of her gripping pussy until just the head of my cock stayed inside her before slamming back inside her with one deep thrust.

I felt the tearing of her hymen around my cock and my heart opened up and enveloped her as my arms wrapped around her, offering comfort. “Ssh, it’s done baby, it’s okay now.”

I held still giving her time to adjust to having me in her, stretching her. Meanwhile my heart and mind were going through some shit of their own. Is this it? Is this how men know when they’ve found their one and only life mate?

It was hard to keep up with the different emotions that coursed through me at the feel of her sweet heat wrapped around my cock. I would’ve been hard pressed to name anyone that had come before her, that’s how blown away I was.

As my cock throbbed and leaked inside her pulsing pussy, I was overwhelmed by the fact that something this sweet really belonged to me. That for the rest of my life this amazing creature was mine.

I didn’t know that I could feel any of what I was feeling. I’d never seen sex as anything more than fulfilling a physical need. I was wrong. There are no words to describe the rush of love that went to the very core of me.

As I held her in my arms waiting for her to calm down, she felt like every good thing in my life rolled into one. “My gift!” I still hadn’t moved yet, waiting for some sign from her that it was okay.

When her breathing evened out and she shifted her hips beneath me I released my own pent up breath. “Does it hurt?”



I dropped my face in her neck and she laughed. I felt that shit all along my dick as I picked up my head to look at her. “Are you laughing at me?” She laughed harder and her body relaxed. That was my cue.

“I’ll go slow.” I eased out as slowly as I could which wasn’t hard because her pussy was so tight it had me on lock. I saw the blood on my cock and had mixed feelings. Pride, that my woman was completely mine, and fear that I’d hurt her inside.

What the fuck am I supposed to do? My balls were about to burst and my dick was already sliding back inside her. She didn’t flinch this time and I took that as a good sign.

After three strokes I was assured that she was fine. “Wrap your legs around me. Yeah like that.” Her heels rested on my ass and bounced each time I thrust into her.

I had the good sense to pull my strokes, only going as deep as the first time, opening her up with each stroke. I lowered my head and sucked a nipple into my mouth as I picked up speed.

Her legs opened wider and her nails dug into my back as I worked my cock into her over and over. On my last stroke I went deep and when she didn’t cry out in pain I did it again.

I fucked into her nice and slow changing up my strokes so that I went a little deeper each time. Pretty soon she was taking all of me until my balls slapped her ass and I was home free. “Yes, fuck!” I felt like I’d made a run for the end zone.