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She choked the fuck out of my dick with her tight shit and I knew I was going to have cock burn but I didn’t even care, and even if I did, my cock had finally found his happy place. I knew I would have no luck pulling out.

I looked down between us as I slid in and out of her, completely amazed that something that small could take that much cock. Just that sight added to the feeling of her hot flesh clinging to my cock had my balls filling up and my ball sac started to get pretty fucking tight.

I licked her tit before biting her nipple and her pussy squeezed around my cock, only spurring me on to fuck harder, deeper, until the bed rocked. I forgot all about blood on my cock and her newly opened pussy, my cock had taken over and all I wanted was to make her cum so I could shoot off.

It was a miracle that I’d lasted this long in her tight cunt, my boy had never been in anything this good and he knew it. I was afraid that she wouldn’t get off her first time, what with the pain and shit, but that was not an option.

I twisted my hips at a different angle and took the other nipple between my teeth as I searched for that rough patch of flesh inside her; her sweet spot.

It wasn’t easy, her pussy was too fight and I hardly had room to move. I felt her walls pulsing and releasing along the length of my rod and had to clench my ass hard to stop my dick from going off too soon.

“Come on baby, work with me here. Tell me if this feels good.” I lifted her legs higher, holding her knees in my hands and spreading her open. She didn’t answer but arched her neck, which sent her tits into the air.

I was still looking for her spot when I bit into her nipple. I found that shit and felt something like electric shocks run through her body just before her mouth opened and she screamed.

I felt her body tense and prepared to cum as I pounded into her over and over. Her breath caught in her throat as she fought for orgasm.

Pulling my lips away from hers I looked down at her face and got the most insane urge to consume her. I wanted her flesh between my teeth, wanted to mark her in the most primal way.

The compulsion to own, to possess was strong as I leaned in and licked the soft salty flesh of her neck. I felt her pulse beneath my tongue and my cock grew harder inside her.

Chapter 30

She came as soon as I bit into her neck and marked her. Her twitching pussy muscles massaged my cock and I felt the first drip of cum leak from my cock before my balls got ready to fire.

I tried pulling back and out, very aware that I was riding her raw, but her pussy locked around me. “Let go baby, open.” I kept fucking even as I was telling her to stop.

The thought of cumming in her unprotected pussy, instead of scaring me, made something sweet and strange unfurl in my chest. The more I imagined planting my seed inside her, the harder I fucked until my hips were slamming into hers.

She bucked and came again, sinking her teeth into my chest and my cock, instead of retreating, slammed forward into her depths and off loaded.

I let go of her knees as I fell against her, my body still shaking with spasms as I came. She squeezed her knees around my sides and rocked her hips into me as her pussy sucked the cum from my balls.

Her nails dug into my ass, holding me in place as if some primal part of her wanted what I was giving her. I came a second time just like that at the thought of her wanting me to breed her.

As I bottomed out inside her this time I felt something leave me. It felt like some vital part of me had just spilled inside her along with my seed.

We were both fighting for air as I lifted up to stop from crushing her. I barely had the strength to do that. As I looked down at her my only thought was that I finally understood.

I now saw why all those men and women I used to tease for being chumps had really lost their minds. I would’ve promised her anything in that moment had she asked. The feeling was so intense I thought I would see stars any second from the ringing in my head.

I kissed her lips softly as I tried once again to ease my sore cock from her body. I felt the loss as soon as my dick hit the mattress between her thighs. I wanted nothing more than to drop down beside her and sleep for a while, but one look at the mess between her thighs changed my mind. I tried getting up but she wasn’t ready for me to go anywhere so I ended up staying.

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