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I moved to my side and pulled her into my arms for some cuddle time and she was the one who fell asleep. I tried slipping out of her arms to go run her a bath because sure as shit she’d freak if she sees what I’d done to her.

She whined in her throat and clung to me melting my heart all over the place. “I’ll be right back baby, I need to run you a bath.” I was trying not to bring attention to the murder scene between her thighs because sure as fuck she wouldn’t let me anywhere near her again if she sees that shit.

I kissed her back to sleep and was finally able to escape into the bathroom half an hour later. I ran the water as hot as I thought she could stand and emptied some of everything I had in there in it. I have to get some of the girly shit I’d bought her from her room. Later!

She was dead asleep when I walked back into the bedroom. I lifted her from the bed and she snuggled into me making me stop halfway just to hug her closer before carrying on.

She opened her eyes sleepily when I laid her back in the tub, but basically slept through her bath. I would’ve loved to let her be; she looked so peaceful, but I needed to change the sheets. “Wake up baby, I need you to stay awake for me.”

I added more hot water to the tub and waited until I was sure that she was really awake before hurrying into the room to change the sheets before she saw them.

She was drying off by the time I made it back to her, so I jumped in the shower myself. The door opened behind me and I felt her arms come around me. She needs cuddles. Of course she does you fuck, you just took her virginity.

I turned and wrapped my arms around her holding her under the warm spray as she buried her face in my chest. That rush of love welled up inside me again and was almost too much. It was much more than I ever expected myself capable of feeling.

Now I was the one with a sheen of tears in my eyes. My heart felt all kinds of fucked up when she curled herself into me and sighed, and when I just stood there getting cold while she hogged the hot water, I knew she owned my ass. “Come on baby you’re dead on your feet.”

I switched off the water and picked her up, taking her out and drying her off again. She was acting very out of character for her, clingy almost. I pulled an old football jersey over her head and sat on the bed with her on my lap.

“Are you sore baby?” She nodded her head against my shoulder, and when I went to place her on the bed she stiffened up like a three year old and wrapped her arm tighter around my neck.

“I’m not leaving you babe, I just want to get something from the bathroom to take care of you.” She finally released me after that promise, so I went in search of some ointment. As a former athlete I have any number of things on hand that’s good for sore muscles, but I have no experience with a sore pussy.

I found what I thought would work and went back to her. “Open baby.” She was already lying back on the bed so I just opened her legs wide to get to her cunt. “Damn!” I whispered the word not wanting her to hear me.

Her pussy was beat all to hell. That shit was red, swollen and puffy. I put a healthy amount of cream on my finger and eased it inside her deep. She moaned and moved against my hand, her eyes glassy as they looked at me pleadingly.

“No more baby, not yet.” If I needed any more proof that I was all the way gone that was it. I actually chose to give up the best pussy I’ve ever had in favor of letting her heal and rest; for now.

As I pulled the shirt back in place I felt like I was finally coming back into my body from wherever the fuck it was I had gone since coming home. The music was still going in the background, so I got up and turned it off.

“Have you eaten dinner yet?” She shook her head as I walked back to her. I suddenly had a lot of energy, while whatever she’d taken out of me had apparently taken hers because she hugged the pillow and closed her eyes. I left her and headed into the kitchen suddenly ravenous.

I threw together some sandwiches and grabbed a couple bottles of juice before going back to her. I had to hold her while she ate because she kept nodding off. Too cute.

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