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When she pushed my hand away signaling that she was full I put her back to bed and sat up watching over her. The events of the past few hours played out in my head and the enormity of what we’d shared really hit home.

There was no turning back for me or her. There was no longer any question or debate of how to handle shit going forward. From this day on she’s as much a part of me as my own limbs. Her ass is in for it now.

Poor thing, I’m about to turn her shit upside down. I couldn’t resist pulling her into my arms and kissing all over her, as excited as a toddler with a new toy. I felt like laughing and smiling, but satisfied myself with holding her close and pouring all my love into that hug.

She mumbled something in her sleep that I didn’t catch until I put my ear to her lips when she repeated it. She was calling for her mother. Broke my fucking heart. I looked at her face and she was dead asleep with tears escaping beneath closed lids.

Nothing was more humbling than seeing that shit. Nothing could’ve been a bigger reminder of what I

was now responsible for; her, her heart. I knew in that moment that I would never, could never ever hurt her.

I dried her face when she kept crying in her sleep before pulling her back into my arms. “I can’t give you back your mom, but I promise to do everything in my power to make sure you never know pain again.” I know she didn’t hear, me but it felt good giving her the words.

I kissed her forehead and stroked her hair and that seemed to settle her down a little. But now I was fully awake all tiredness gone. I didn’t know she did that shit in her sleep, didn’t know that it followed her there. Now I really can’t leave her behind again.

In the morning I woke to her staring shit. “Is this your thing? Watching me while I sleep?” I wasn’t sure what to expect after last night, would she have any regrets? Would she blame me? I did promise to give her time after all.

I held my breath until she smiled and I knew we were okay. “I like watching you sleep.” But you damn near had a heart attack when I did the same thing. Women!

“How are you feeling?” I felt her forehead for fever, fuck do I know what to expect? All I know is that her pussy looked like an open wound last night when I was done with her. She wasn’t warm to the touch so I relaxed a little.

“I’m fine, just a tad bit sore, but nothing I can’t handle.” My dick got the message, no morning pussy. I bit back the moan of disappointment and sat up in bed. “Where are you going?” She grabbed at me as if she thought I was about to leave her.

“Nowhere, I’m just going to check on you.” I didn’t risk getting between her thighs this time, just spread them as I sat beside her. The cream had done its job and her pussy didn’t look as pulverized as it had.

I looked down at her nakedness and my morning wood sprung a leak. The gentleman in me said leave her ass alone for at least another day, but the dog was already on the prowl.

She walked her fingers up my thigh with a teasing grin and spread her legs wider. Of course my eyes went straight to the pussy. I even licked my lips that had gone dry.

Testing the waters I took her hand and led it to my cock. She giggled when it jumped in her hand and slid down the bed until she was eye to eye with my dick. She stuck out her tongue and licked the head with a hum.

“You’re going to get your ass in a whole lotta trouble.” I’m sure she was too sore after last night, and though I’d like nothing better than to fuck her before rolling out of bed, I wasn’t that much of a monster.

Either she didn’t care or she thought I had more control than I actually did, because she squeezed my cock and brought it to her lips. I held my breath as I looked down at her to see what she would do next.

Another pearl of pre-cum gathered at the tip of my cock and she damn well stuck her tongue out and licked it off before taking the tip in her mouth. I was still telling myself that I won’t take her, not until she was completely healed.

But then she looked up at me with her mouth stuffed full of cock and all my good intentions went out the door. I laid back and let her do her thing clenching my fists so I didn’t grab her.

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