Page 121 of The Dancer

The last few days with her have been the best fucking days of my life. I never knew life could be this good. Never knew that loving someone else as deeply as I do her could bring such peace, instead of the turmoil I’d always imagined.

I gave her a little finger wave as the doors closed and already felt the emptiness. “Don’t say one fuck to me.” I growled at Tony after getting in and slamming the door.

“Pitiful!” He shook his head and started the car.

That would be the correct assessment, I am pitiful. I’m not saying she isn’t as clingy as I am, but the fact that I’m even saying that shit in a sentence says it all. I must’ve said ‘where are you going?’ a hundred times in the last three days.

Each time she left my sight I called out for her or went in search of her after two minutes went by. The only good thing about that shit is that it seems to have upped her self esteem a bit.

With each day that passed she seemed a lot more confident, and the shadows had receded from her eyes. But what about me? I have a panic attack at the thought of her leaving the damn house. Like some asshole was just waiting around the corner to take her away from me.

“This is some bullshit.”

“What’s eating you?” I didn’t even mean to say that shit out loud. His nosy ass was eyeing me down in the rearview mirror. Nosy fuck!

“I’m not talking to you. Go for it you said, just let yourself relax and go with the flow. Asshole.”

“Dude, get a grip, people have been getting married for centuries it’s not the end of the world.”

“Who said anything about getting married?” The fuck!

“Isn’t that where your ass is headed?” Well yeah, but who the fuck asked you?

“Just drive the fucking car. Don’t forget you’re picking the kid up from mom’s.”

“That ought to put the brakes on your shit. You know how many phone calls I’ve fielded for your ass in the last three days?”

“What the fuck, is the world gonna end if I don’t take care of every little thing that crops up?”

“Uh, don’t shoot the messenger, but up until now that’s the way you wanted shit. Your micro managing ass.”

“Stop talking to me.”

“I had to talk aunt Sophie out of coming to the city to check up on your ass.” Shit, I’d turned off my phone. I looked now and saw more than fifty missed calls.

“The fuck! Don’t these people have anything better to do than annoy my ass? What did you tell them?”

“That you were unavailable what else. You got that shit out of your system now, or can I expect you to pull another disappearing act? If you hadn’t answered me that one time I wouldn’t have known that you were okay either. Pussy whipped motherfucker.”

“I wonder whose fault that is. You’re the one who

showed me the dancing shit, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t know you were gonna lose your shit and forget you have a business to run.” He had a point, but fuck if I cared.

I felt a little bit like I’d just come out of a coma. The world outside looked different and I honest to fuck did not have any interest in anything but her. I didn’t even have to be fucking the whole time, just as long as she was within reach I was fine.

“Your ass needs rehab, fucking addict.”

“Fuck you.” He was laughing his ass off as we walked into the club and when I pulled my phone to call her he just shook his head and headed for his regular spot at the bar.

“What are you doing baby?”

“The same thing I was doing when you left twenty minutes ago. Working on the computer. Max what’s wrong?” I liked the fact that she sounded a hell of a lot more assertive these days, but I had to get back on my game.

“Nothing’s wrong. Tony’s picking Travis up in another hour so listen out for the door.”

“Okay, now let me go, I have Sherrie on the other line.”

“What are you two up to now?”

“She wants to go shopping.” That sounded innocent enough. “When are you going?”

“I told her it’ll have to wait because I’m low on funds right now.”

What the fuck! “No you’re not babe. Your bank card should be in the mail no later than tomorrow.”

“My what?” I added her to my checking account online and didn’t tell her ass because I didn’t need the drama.

“Your bank card, tell Sherrie you’d be available to go shopping Monday.”

“Max, what did you do?” I’m not having this fucking conversation.

“Do me a favor, tell Sherrie to hang up and call me.” If there’s one thing I know about my sister, she knows how a real woman’s supposed to be treated. Tony and I have been drilling that shit into her head since she was old enough to date.