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“Just do it baby, I’ll see you later.” My phone rang two minutes later and I still hadn’t touched any of the work that was waiting for me, hadn’t even

booted up the computer in fact.

“What’s up big brother?” I gave her a quick rundown knowing that she’d know what to do. Her shopaholic ass would have my shit spent in less than one afternoon.

“Oh you don’t have to say another word bro, I’m all over that shit.”

“Where is it that you’re taking her by the way?”

“Right around the corner from your place, where you think? All the good stores are right there on fifth. But wait, are we talking motor vehicle type money or nah?”

“She doesn’t need a car, but whatever she wants make sure she gets, except jewelry, that’s my department.” She said some shit like ‘Hermes here I come’ and I imagined her dancing around the room the way she does when she gets excited.

“Before you ask, yes you can get some stuff for you too.”

“Oh you know you don’t have to do that. I like your girl, so she’s as good as my sister. And you better be keeping her around. She’s not like the rest of those yard sale Barbies you usually fucks with.”

“How would you know? You never met any of them.”


“So this is set for Monday, what about the baby?”

“Mom’s taking her out to the island to spend the day with aunt Sophie before I lose my fucking mind.”

“Didn’t you want a baby? Is it really that hard?” I was thinking about the fact that I was more than a little bit certain that I’d bred Annabelle’s ass one of the times I came inside her in the last few days.

“It’s not hard per se, just takes getting used to. I can’t get up and go the way I used to and Trevor seems to think I’m supposed to have the kid latched onto my tit twenty-four seven.” I heard her husband in the background.

“Yeah I know you thought this being a mother shit would slow me down but joke’s on you. Now your ass got babysitting duty when I take my girl Belle to the club next Saturday night.”

“What was that?”

“Not talking to you right now Max. I’m talking to this slick motherfucker here.”

“Did you just say you’re taking Annabelle to the

club?” Yeah, no, that shit’s not gonna happen.

“Like I said, I’m not talking to you right now, I’ll deal with your brand of crazy later. About that other thing don’t worry. By the time I get through with her she’s not gonna think twice about spending your shit in the future. Let me go take care of this fool, catch you later.”

Better him than me. He knew what he was getting into when they hooked up and swore up and down when Tony and I cornered his ass that he was in for the long haul. At least I no longer have to worry about her crazy ass.

I settled down enough to turn my attention to work until Tony interrupted me a few minutes later to let me know he was heading out to go pick the kid up.

I went back to what I was doing, already orchestrating how I was gonna fuck her with someone else in the apartment. This is what my life has reverted to. Everything revolves around fucking Anna, pun intended.


I walked around the apartment after hanging up the phone doing one last walk through before Travis gets here. Making sure there was no evidence left laying around of what Max and I have been up to in the past three days.

When I found myself looking under the couch in the media room for underwear my face went up in flames. I very distinctly remember what we did in there when we were supposed to be taking a movie break.

I might not have left any evidence out in the open, but I felt it each time I moved. Even a quick soak in the tub hadn’t done much to ease the soreness between my thighs.

I rubbed them together now as I remembered the feel of him there. Fluttering my hand in front of my face to cool me down I headed back to the kitchen where I’d left my laptop.

I’d lied to him earlier when I told him I was working, because now that he wasn’t here and I could think again, my mind refused to settle down.

I guess it’s to be expected after all that had transpired between us in the last few days. Even my ingrained distrust of the opposite sex hasn’t been able to hold up against his onslaught.

He’s completely taken me over. Me, the levelheaded girl who had more than enough reason never to trust a man again in this life has fallen completely under his spell.