Page 147 of The Dancer

“Tell me to cum inside you.”

“Cum, inside me.” I teased her ass with my fingertip and she went off, strangling the shit out of my dick as I emptied my nuts inside her until I had nothing left.

“That was amazing baby, I’m gonna lay here for a second, you drained my ass.” She laughed like a loon and bit my chest until I rolled off of her. I watched her jump out of bed full of energy while I was ready for a nap.

Her young ass is going to put me in an early grave. “I’ll meet you in the shower baby.” Tony’s right,

I’m pathetic. Now even my showers don’t feel the same without her in there with me.

In fact half the shit I used to find pleasure in doing alone no longer holds the same appeal. She’s infiltrated every part of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

With each passing day I’m more and more amazed at what she pulls out of me. What’s more amazing is that I don’t have to try with her, I don’t have to put on an act or play games.

Everything I feel for her comes from a place deep inside me that no one else has ever been and I’m convinced no one else ever will. That’s her spot and I know as sure as I’m breathing that it always will be.

She’s the first woman I ever imagined giving my seed. The only one I wanted to share that life I never believed in with.

She makes my heart happy in ways that the game never had, and for all that, I know she’ll be the one waking up beside me for the rest of my days. My gift to her, one of the reasons for my trip to Miami, was so that I would never leave her again.

That everyday for the rest of our lives I’d be the first thing she sees in the morning and the last thing she sees at night. I don’t think I could do it any other way. My ass is hooked.

Friday came way too soon and we had another long ass goodbye at the door. I’m getting tired of being laughed at. “How come you’re always okay with me leaving?” Swear to fuck I was pouting.

“That’s not it, it’s because you’re so cute, and knowing that you don’t want to go makes me feel better.” She rested her head on my chest and put her arms around me, smoothing the rough edges of my nerves.

I had that feeling of losing a limb when she pulled away to send me on my way. “Go on honey, you’ll be back before you know it.” I really do need to get my pussy whipped ass out the door since Tony was downstairs waiting for me and the last thing I need is his ass talking shit.

“Okay I’m going. Remember, mom and Travis are going to be here when you get home tonight. Your detail is downstairs already. They’re going to stay with you from the time you leave until you get back. I was thinking, since you’re having company I guess you can’t go out tomorrow night huh.”

“Nice try, but they’re not guests they’re family. And momma Sophie wouldn’t care of I go out. Bye.” Not if I come up with something to keep your ass home. “I still want to see what you’re gonna wear.”

“Why? Don’t you think I can dress myself?” I’m sure she thinks I’m kidding, but I was having serious issues with her plans to go out dancing, especially if she was going to be doing that damn dance in public.

In the end, short of forbidding her to go, which I’m sure wouldn’t go over well, I had no choice but to let it go. After one last kiss to tide me over I left her without looking back. This shit was even harder than the first time.

I’d dealt with the guilt of leaving her alone in the city with everything that’s been going on, that’s why I’d asked mom to babysit. If she knew that shit she’d freak, but it was the only way I was going to be able to do this.

I haven’t heard or seen shit about Morrison, so I figured Cox had squashed whatever it is he’d had planned. But now he had the cops and my boys on his ass, so I wasn’t worried about him getting to her.

As for Arlene she was as good as dealt with and was no real threat. I’m just going to miss my girl like hell. I’m at that point in our relationship where I can’t close my eyes at night if she’s not in bed next to me, so the next two nights ought to be fun.

The only thing that kept me going is what I had waiting in Miami and what this weekend meant for her, for us. For that reason I was able to put everything else aside and focus.