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It was only Tony’s voice that broke into my thoughts and pulled me out of the dark place I was heading. He always seem to know my moods.

“I know you want to know since you saw us through the screen so I’ll tell you before the suspense kills you. I gave her one of my special hellos. She didn’t even answer me, just turned and looked at your door.”

Why that should make me feel good I have no idea. Tony’s a lady’s man. Tall, handsome and built. There aren’t many who come through these doors that he can’t charm with his shit.

“From the looks of it, I’m guessing she’s just as hardheaded as you are so this shit ought to be good.”

“Stay out of it.”

“Yeah, that’s gonna happen.”

Asshole! He got up and left, leaving me alone with my thoughts again. What the hell had he come in here for? I was just as confused now as before if not more so.

I sat back in my chair trying to prove a point to myself by turning my attention to the work that had piled up in my absence. It wasn’t long before I got the itch again.

I caved and went back to the security screen, searching each frame until I found her. I watched her through the monitor for the next few minutes before catching myself and turning it off.

I busied myself with paperwork for the next few hours and knew that I was only able to give it my all because she was only a door away, within my grasp.

I was feeling good until Tony came barging through the door. “You better get out here.”

“Why, what’s going on?” It wouldn’t be against the norm for some big shot to want to see me for an autograph or photo op.

I wasn’t in the mood for either and was about to tell him just that when his behavior registered. It was the look on his face more than anything that had me heading for the door where he stood holding it open.

I looked towards the restaurant where I could hear raised voices and see my security team holding someone by the arm and dragging them away.

As I made my way over I saw that the guy had something spilled all over him and the manager was leading Annabelle away in the opposite direction.

“Get your hands off her.” I moved towards them where he’d stopped in surprise and took her hand out of his. He stepped back from the look I gave him and stuttered out an explanation.

“Sorry sir, I was just…” I didn’t wait around to hear what he was just doing. I walked her a little ways away and stopped out of hearing of everyone else knowing full well that there were eyes on us.

“What happened?” I had a pretty good idea from the looks of things and the belligerence of the customer who my guys had led away towards the bar, away from the other diners.

“That creep put his hand up my skirt.” She said the words through gritted teeth.

“Say what now?” I was surprised when she grabbed my arm and held me back. I didn’t even realize I’d made a move to go after him.

I took her to my office, “Stay here!” I closed the door behind me and went to where security was still holding him. I’m going to tear him the fuck apart.

“Easy, easy, too many eyes.” Tony’s warning came just in time to stop me from punching the asshole in his face as he placed himself between me, and the guy who was about to get an ass beating.

It never entered my mind to question her version of events. That, in itself, was very telling. I never believe shit unless I see it with my own eyes. But there was no doubt in my mind that she was telling the truth.

I let Tony hold me back until I’d calmed down a little, before making my approach again. And even then I still wanted the man’s blood between my teeth.

He looked at me with righteous indignation and I knew he was going to lie before I even addressed him. I know his sort, that’s why my place is always teeming with security.

They’re usually needed more on the floor with the dance stage though, and hardly ever worked the restaurant floor. But tonight they were there. That was probably Tony’s doing.

Again he was looking out for my interest without having to be told to. I’ll have to remember to thank

him later, because it looks like it was the right call.

Chapter 10

“Did you put your hands on her?”

“Is that what that little bitch told you? I never touched her.” I had to clench my fists to keep from knocking his lying ass to the ground as I stepped to him.