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“Call her a bitch one more time.” He swallowed hard and looked away, finally sensing the danger. Eyes or not if he disrespected her again I’d finish his ass right here.

I looked at Tony because I know how his mind works. He knows me well enough to know what to do in a situation like this. I wasn’t disappointed.

“I already ran the tape Max, he ran his hand up her leg under her skirt. That’s when she threw the drink in his face.” He’s telling me to be easy, but there was no mistaking the underlying anger in his own voice.

“Call the cops.”

“What? I barely touched…” He stopped talking when I made a move for his throat. Only Tony’s hand on my chest pushing me back stopped me from strangling the fuck.

“Get the cops here. Make sure he doesn’t leave until they show up.” I walked away, ignoring his empty threats and braggadocio about who he was. Like I give a fuck.

I went back to her pissed the fuck off that I couldn’t do more. It wasn’t that long ago that I stopped settling shit with my fists. Only these days because of my wealth someone was always trying to get easy money.

That’s why Tony’s my shadow, he keeps me out of the kind of trouble that would get me sued or worst. It wasn’t the first time someone had got out of hand in one of my places, but it was the first time I hadn’t let security handle the matter on their own.

“Are you alright?” She was sitting in the chair I’d left her in, looking calm. I didn’t know her well enough yet to know if it was an act. I walked over to the fridge to get her a bottled water.

“I’m fine, I need to get back to work I have tables waiting.” She’s fine and my hands are shaking.

“I’ll have someone else take over your station, you’re done for tonight.” I wanted to hug her as much as I wanted to go back out there and lay his ass out.

She jumped to her feet. “Sorry no can do, I need to work that’s why I came here remember. And I’m not going to be penalized because of that asshole.” My little scrapper posed up like a rooster.

“I’ll make up your pay.” Does she have to be so damn argumentative?

“Are you going to make up my tips too?” She made a move for the door and I blocked her.

“Yes dammit.” I was afraid to touch her because of what happened and that pissed me off.

“No thanks, I like to work for my pay.” I rubbed the bridge of my nose where I felt a headache coming on. This fucking girl!

“Look, the cops will be here soon. Why don’t you just sit here until they come?”

“The cops? You called the cops? Who asked you to do that?”

“You were assaulted in my place.”

She made a huffing sound before moving past me and storming out the door. I would’ve grabbed her to stop her, but she’d been manhandled enough for one night.

I stood in the doorway and watched her throw a scathing look towards the bar where the asshole was being held before heading into the dining room.

I slammed the door shut and paced my office like a caged animal until Tony came to tell me the cops had shown up. “I’ll be right there.”

I’d spent the last ten minutes trying to figure out why the hell this had happened. Why her, why now? What kind of asshole walks into a restaurant and just randomly accost someone like that?

I went out to where the cops were questioning the two of them separately. They looked up when I approached, but I just took my place by her side and ignored their questioning looks.

She disappeared after giving the cops her side of the story and I thought she’d left. I was still pissed even after I’d pressed charges. She refused to, but because it had happened in my place I had the option and took it.

The cops left with a recording of him putting his hands on her and a sworn statement from her. I watched the footage and regretted once again that I hadn’t broken his fucking neck.

If nothing else this footage should get his ass canned from whatever job he had. It sucks that that might be the most I could hope for. People like him shouldn’t be allowed out in polite society.

I thought she’d left after all because I didn’t see her on the monitor once I was back in my office. Even though I was the one to send her home, I missed her.

It was all for the best though, she was probably too upset to work and was hiding it well. I wouldn’t blame her for being shaken up after an experience like that and reminded myself to make sure she didn’t lose out on her pay and tips for the time she’d lost.