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My eyes fled up to hers. Was she teasing me on purpose? From the way she looked at me, like she was more interested in strangling me than stripping down and letting me have her, told me she didn’t have a clue.

She probably didn’t know that with her arms folded under her breasts, the robe had fallen open and I could see her cleavage. There was a mole right on top of her right tit.

My mouth watered and my eyes fixated on that spot until it was all I saw. What other little goodies did she have hidden under there?

“Open your robe.” My hands itched to touch her.

She shook her head no and took a step back as her eyes opened wide. She clutched at the neck of the robe and tried to keep it closed; too late.

I moved forward, she stepped back, like a game of cat and mouse. The pulse in her throat was working overtime and her cheeks held a slight blush.

Her eyes got that dreamy molten look and her tongue came out to lick her lips as if they were dry.

I looked down at her chest and saw the pinpoints of her nipples pressing into the soft material of the flimsy robe.

It hit me like a brick over the head. She was attracted to me no matter how much she tries to hide it. The knowledge was freeing, liberating. It untied some of those knots in my guts and made me feel like less of a fool.

Then she had to go and open her mouth and push the wrong damn button. “How do you know I’m here alone? I could’ve been…” The fuck is she saying?

I wrapped my hand around her throat and pushed her back against the nearest wall before she could finish that asinine statement. “Don’t…just, fucking don’t.”

Just the thought of what she was implying made my guts start up again and did something strange to my heart. I reminded myself that she’d already had one scare already for the night so go easy.

Chapter 13

It took me a couple of tries to calm down, to get the image of her in bed with someone else out of my head. She’s right, it never once entered my mind that she might have some other man here.

That some other dick had gotten there before me. Hell no, I won’t accept that shit. I haven’t done anything in life that fucked up to warrant such a thing happening to me.

Jealousy was something else new she’d brought me. I’ve never felt it before and didn’t like feeling it now. “Is there someone?” She didn’t answer and I shook her slightly.

“No, okay, there’s no one here, now get off me.”

“Do me a favor, don’t ever use that line on me again. You might not be able to bear the consequences.”

I tilted her head back with the hand I had around her neck and eased my hold on her throat as I studied her eyes. How had I missed it before?

Was the same thing showing in my eyes?

Could she see into me the way I did her? Were my feelings as open, bare as hers were? I watched her eyes change until the defiant fire was replaced by another kind of heat. That’s more like it.

Her lips fell open slightly as if awaiting my kiss and I could already imagine the feel of her soft mouth under my much hungrier one. My heart thundered in my chest and I had a sense of falling.

There was a mixture of want and fear in her eyes as I pulled her towards me. My heart squeezed when I lowered my head and kissed her, hesitantly at first. I expected her to pull away, to fight me. She bit me.

“Ouch!” I pulled back and wiped the speck of blood from my lip as I stared down at her in amazement. There’s that fire I expected, craved. I smiled and watched her eyes widen as her pupils dilated.

She braced as if expecting me to retaliate, but instead I pulled her in even closer and covered her lips with mine again. I went in deeper this time, but held her cheeks in such a way that she couldn’t hurt me or herself.

She pushed against my shoulders, but I held on, forcing her lips to accept mine. I ignored her futile attempts to escape me because I knew now that they weren’t real, that she was putting up a front.

Just to test her, I released her lips and just nibbled along the corners, giving her ample time to move if she really wanted to. I was hoping she didn’t fight me, because that one little taste was nowhere near enough to satisfy me.

My heart raced sickeningly in my chest as I waited for the rejection that never came. She was still too tense for my liking, but I guess it was going to take time for her to relax enough to accept me the way I needed her to.