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I was going on my own instinct here and the belief that what I read in her eyes was interest. What the fuck do I know about this lovey-dovey shit?

“Open for me!” I ran my tongue along her lip teasingly until she gave in just a little. I could feel the battle raging on inside her and exerted just enough pressure to get her to open her mouth to accept my tongue.

I half expected her to bite me again, or push at me like she’d done before, but instead my fiery girl went all soft. I was so surprised by the move that I kept my lips still on hers for a few seconds before diving in.

Her lips became pliant under the forcefulness of mine and she stood still and let me take her over. I closed my eyes and took her all in. The feel of her soft lips, the scent of her skin from her bath.

It was her that I’d been smelling when I first walked into the room. A sweet flowery scent that played havoc with my senses. The scent was soft and sweet, like her, and only worked to make my hunger grow.

I released her throat and wrapped my arms around her, drawing her in until our bodies met. I had to lift her with an arm beneath her ass so that she was just where I wanted her.

She was lucky as fuck that I still had some semblance of control left, or my dick would’ve showed his ass for sure. But I knew without being told that if I tried to fuck her now she’d hurt my ass.

I was practically lifting her now, her feet no longer touching the floor, but it was like holding a feather. Something else that was new.

“You’re so tiny.” I nibbled her lips as I grabbed her hair in my fist, sucking her tongue back into my mouth again before she came to her senses. She felt frail in my arms, like I could break her if I wasn’t careful.

It only made my heart want her more, adding to those confusing feelings I’ve had growing inside me for her. I wanted even more to protect, cherish…love?

I deepened the kiss, already lost in her and so it took me a minute to realize she was fighting to breathe. I put her back on her feet reluctantly, but didn’t let her go.

Her eyes were dazed and out of focus for the first few seconds before they cleared. But once they did she wiped a hand across her lips and fumed up at me, but it was too late. I’d already felt and seen her surrender to me.

I grinned at her, which only seemed to incite her farther and she pulled her foot back and kicked me. “The fuck!” I rubbed my shin as she took that chance to escape me and walk back towards the door.

“You got what you came for, now please leave!” She held the door open for me, releasing the robe and giving me a perfect view of her body beneath it.

“Get away from that damn door.” I walked over and slammed it shut again and stood towering over her. She caught me staring down at her legs and tits and pulled the robe closed.

I smirked and ran a finger down between her cleavage. “Tony told me what a hard time you gave him about getting into the car.” Goosebumps appeared on her flesh and my nostrils flared at the sight of her hard nipples.

I gave her a look to let her know I wasn’t pleased with her earlier actions. A look she completely ignored as she looked off to the side and not at me.

I leaned in close and sniffed her before running my nose along the soft flesh of her neck until my lips reached her ear. She held still, her little body tensing up. I could feel the slight tremble in her and was amazed that something so simple could bring me such joy.

“So he followed you instead.” I continued as I ran my finger along her warm flesh. She swatted at my hand, but I caught her fingers with mine.

“You made him go all over the fucking city while you tried to lose him. Fucker hasn’t been on the subway in a while; he was shook. Next time I tell you to do something do it.”

“I don’t answer to you. I can do whatever I want.”

“You think so?” She breathed in heavily at the look I gave her, but refused to stand down.

I didn’t know if I wanted to fuck her or spank her ass in that moment, maybe both. Why is she able to twist me up like this? Why am I so fascinated by her and the way she tries so hard to keep me out?