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I took a few deep breaths to calm the fiery rage down a peg. What he said made sense, but it didn’t stop me from wanting to take action. I’ve never felt this kind of panic before. And though realistically I knew there was nothing Arlene could do to her while I was here, I still wanted her as far away from her as possible.

“I didn’t see Anna on the floor, where is she?”

‘They put her in the VIP section.”

“Hmm, is he trying to curry favor with me or trying to read me which one?”

“I’m guessing after you dug your foot in his ass he’s playing it safe.” I switched screens and pulled up the VIP room. There she is. She’d work less and make more in there.

That shit was guaranteed to put a few noses out of joint. It usually took a year at the very least on the floor before you were allowed to work that section.

Now that I could see with my own eyes that she was safe I turned my attention back to the report and read it again. It didn’t go over any better the second time.

“Why did you stop me? I could bury her with this alone.”

“That’s for the law, but you know she could wiggle out of that shit a thousand ways. We have to wait.”

“Wait for what? For them to have another go at her?” I’ll never let that shit happen. I imagined her walking that dark street alone at night and broke out in another cold sweat.

If she was anyone else I knew it would’ve been easy to get my way, but I already know she’s going to give me shit if I ask her to move in with me no strings attached until we got this thing sorted.

I could just find her another apartment in a better part of town but that wouldn’t work either, and I would still worry so what’s the point? “If only I knew what the fuck they’re up to.”

Chapter 16

Ray Morrison, after farther investigation, was indeed a sexual predator. It hadn’t been hard getting his sealed indictment opened. Just a few greased palms.

Though his past indiscretion involved no more than inappropriate touching of a minor when he was little more than a minor himself, it showed a pattern of behavior that was sure to have become worst if left unchecked.

What was of more importance to me right now though, was the fact that his maternal aunt was none other than my manager Arlene.

I’d suspected her from the beginning, but seeing that shit in black and white still left me reeling. What the fuck is going on in her head?

It made no sense that she’d go this far. I’ve never shown any interest in her and never would. Not only is she not my type but she’s married. What kind of sick fuck is she that she would go to these lengths?

Did this all really start with a smile, or had this been her intention all along? Had I missed the signs? Or was she that good at hiding what she is?

I can’t worry about that shit now. Right now I have a situation on my hands that could turn ugly if left unattended. Worse, my Annabelle is in the middle of this shit, no way am I sleeping on it. I sat back in my chair and tried to think of my next move.

Tomorrow was Friday, which meant Anna wasn’t going to be here. I had yet to get ahold of her school schedule and I still don’t know what she does with her weekends.

I could ask her outright, but it’s a toss up whether or not she’d be willing to tell me. I could always kiss her into telling me. I grinned at the thought.

It didn’t last long. How had shit escalated so quickly? Had I really given that much away that first night she came through the door?

I wasn’t supposed to be here last night, what if I hadn’t been? What the fuck would’ve happened to her? The thought made me see red and I clenched not only my jaw but my fists.

I don’t like that my hands are tied. If she wasn’t involved I’d have hunted him down and scalped his ass by now, but I didn’t want her catching any blowback.

If something were to happen to him right now, so soon on the back of what happened here, there was no guarantee the cops wouldn’t look in this direction.

I can handle their shit, it’s not my first time at the Rodeo. I didn’t grow up in these streets for nothing. I know how to get away with shit. But she’d be caught in the middle and that wouldn’t be good.

No matter though, I’m on his ass sooner or later because the law sucks when it comes to shit like this. She was right, he’d get no more than a slap on the wrist and a warning I’m sure. I want him to shed blood for putting his hands on her.