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I had the feeling though that big or small, she wouldn’t appreciate being lied to. Back to mom again. Mom could stand anything but lies or being misled no matter the situation.

I spent the next few hours running through ideas in my head until I came up with one that just might work. Not only would it get her out of that neighborhood, but I’d have her all to myself.

I looked up in time to see her putting on her coat and grabbing her bag downstairs. “Shit!” I shut down the computer and grabbed my phone in a hurry.

“Tony get ready to leave.” I hadn’t realized so much time had passed while I was deep in plot mode. It was just after midnight, end of shift.

I hung up the phone and grabbed my jacket before locking up and heading to the bar to wait for her. I didn’t feel even a little bit tired now. Even though I’d been in that damn chair for hours.

I was looking forward to the sparring match I was sure was coming. I could feel the excitement singing in my blood already. I watched her as she came up the stairs and walked over to the nearest computer to clock out.

My pulse started doing its racing shit and my heart was beating me to death. Of course she had to stop and talk to one of the other girls before heading my way, prolonging my agony.

I knew her game when she saw me and pretended not to, but cut a wide berth around the bar and headed for the door. Like hell!

“Not so fast.” I caught up to her, grabbed her hand and pulled her along behind me out the door. She tugged one way and I tugged the other harder, until she slammed into my back.

“Stop fighting me and open your damn fist.” She’d balled up her little hand in mine ready to fight. She ignored me, so I shook her hand until she unfolded it in mine and our palms met.

I pulled her over to the car and she hissed and spat at me beneath her breath, not wanting to cause a scene I suppose. “Where are you taking me?” She gave her hand one last good tug but I wasn’t about to let go.

“Behave yourself, let’s go.” She gave me hell to get in and instead blocked the door with her body so that I couldn’t open it. “What the hell are you doing? Why did you do that in there?”

“What did I do now?”

“Grab my hand in front of everyone. Do you know people are already talking shit about us?”

“And? What the hell do you care what people say?”

“That’s easy for you to say. You’re the boss. I’m just the slut who’s trying to get into your bed for an easy ride. Pun intended.”

For once I didn’t care about making a spectacle of myself. In fact I haven’t really given a damn about that shit since meeting her.

“Let go of the door; let…go.” I pulled her fingers from around the handle and tugged her other hand hard enough that she fell against my chest, before reaching around her to open the door.

Tony the ass whistled his way around to the driver’s side while I wrestled her into the backseat. I didn’t trust her not to run right out the other door, so I pushed her over and slid in next to her. She tried to scratch me.

“Dammit, stop, calm your little ass down.” I had to wrap both arms around her, pinning her arms to her sides while she yelled and threatened me with bodily harm.

“Start the car.” Asshole was watching us through the rearview mirror and grinning like a jackass. She damn near kicked in the back of the driver’s seat.

She ended up sitting crossway on my lap since that was the only way I could find to get her to behave. She fumed and glared, but at least she’d stopped moving.

I put her back in her seat after a stern warning. Once it looked like she was going to behave I let her go but kept a wary eye on her. If I hadn’t been wearing a jacket she’s have torn my poor arms to shreds with her shit.

I took her hand in mine again for no other reason than I wanted to. I opened her fist and placed her hand on my thigh under mine and held it there. She looked from Tony to me and back and thought better of whatever the hell she had going on in her head.

I was so damn winded I almost forgot what I wanted to ask her. Now that I had her here I wasn’t too sure where to start. She wasn’t exactly in the mood to be accommodating.

In the end I decided that there was no sense in beating around the bush with this one, so I got straight to the point. The sooner I lock her in the better. Pain in the ass.